Dmail Community & Team up for a Community Airdrop is excited to launch the Airdrop Carnival with Dmail Network, distributing $12,000 worth of $AN tokens equally among 500 Dmailers!

Dmail Community & Team up for a Community Airdrop

In an exciting development for the Dmail community, members are set to receive a substantial allocation of tokens as part of an upcoming giveaway orchestrated by This announcement comes amidst the growing anticipation surrounding the impending Token Generation Event (TGE) and airdrop of AANN tokens, symbolizing a significant milestone in the evolution of online social authenticity., the brain behind the AN Social Authenticity Network, is pioneering a paradigm shift in the realm of online interactions. With its innovative platform, aims to elevate, grow, share, and monetize provable social authenticity for users across both web3 and web2 environments. Offering a suite of cutting-edge features and services, the platform is designed to empower users with unprecedented control over their online presence.

The AN Social Authenticity Network boasts an array of features geared towards fostering genuine interactions and establishing trust within online communities. From the #SocAuth Mobile App to User Data Sovereignty, Community Validation, and Genuine Reviews, is revolutionizing the way individuals engage and interact online. Furthermore, with services such as Verified Predictions Scoring, Social Trust Metric (STM), and Identity via AN ID/DID, the platform is at the forefront of promoting transparency and accountability in digital interactions.

In a gesture of appreciation for the vibrant and engaged Dmail community, has allocated $12,000 worth of their tokens—to be distributed among the most actively engaged members.

To participate in this exciting opportunity, community members are encouraged to complete a series of tasks. Additionally, members can stay updated on the latest developments by following Dmail on their platform.

Airdrop Details: is the creator of AN Social Authenticity Network an AI-enabled platform built to help web3-web2 users elevate, grow, share and monetize provable social authenticity.

🎁$12,000 worth of $AN tokens equally among 500 Dmailers!

⏰ $AN's TGE on 23rd May will enable 50% of tokens to be unlocked.

  • The $AN token is not yet available on trading platforms.
  • Tokens will be directly sent to winners’ EVM addresses by at the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Stay tuned for the official announcement on trading availability.

    Dmail Network's Giveaway:
    Dmail Network will provide 9,999 NFT domains (ranging from 8 to 11 digits) plus 100 bonus points.

Event Details:

Date: May 16, 2024 - May 23, 2024
Please refer to Dmail and's official announcements for further details

The upcoming token airdrop marks a pivotal moment for both the Dmail community and the broader ecosystem of online social authenticity. As excitement continues to build around the impending TGE and the revolutionary potential of the AN Social Authenticity Network, participants are poised to play an integral role in shaping the future of digital interactions. With leading the charge, the dawn of a new era of transparency, trust, and authenticity in online communication is on the horizon.

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