Maximize Your Reach with Dmail's Subscription Hub: A Comprehensive User Guide

Boost your Web3 project with Dmail's Subscription Hub: Connect directly with subscribers, track engagement, and grow your community. Leverage our tiered incentives for greater success

Maximize Your Reach with Dmail's Subscription Hub: A Comprehensive User Guide

Welcome to the world of seamless subscriber engagement with Dmail's Subscription Hub! This guide will walk you through the simple steps to connect with your audience effectively and leverage the benefits of our Subhub Incentive Program.

1. Accessing Your Dashboard:

Once logged in, you'll land on the Dashboard displaying your project's unique information.

2. Growing Your Subscriber Base:

  • Locate your invitation link at the top right of the Dashboard.
  • Share this link widely on social media, add it to your bio, embed it on your website, and in other high-visibility areas.
  • Gain additional subscribers through Dmail's Subscription Center: Dmail Subscription Center.
Note the Dmail SubHub Link

3. Understanding Your Dashboard:

  • Track subscriber count, messaging frequency, and recent subscriber growth.
  • Analyze user growth trends over different time intervals.
  • View Subscriber Network Distribution for deeper insights.

Engaging with Your Subscribers

1. Creating and Sending Messages:

  • Navigate to 'Message Push' in the menu.
  • Click 'Create New Message'.
  • Utilize the 'Labels' section for targeted messaging. Currently, it supports messaging all subscribers, with more specific demographic targeting coming soon.
  • Compose your message with a subject line, body, attachments, and formatting.
  • Click 'Send' to dispatch your message.

2. Subscriber Management:

  • Manage your subscribers under 'Subscriber Management'.
  • As we add more tags, this feature will become increasingly robust.

3. Customizing Your Settings:

  • Profile: Update your project information and official links.
  • Plans (Coming Soon): Explore premium services for enhanced engagement.
  • Team (Coming Soon): Add team members for collaborative management.

4. SDK and Future Updates:

  • Stay tuned for the SDK release and ongoing enhancements to the SubHub.

Unlock Benefits with the Subhub Incentive Program

  • Four Progressive Tiers: Onboarding, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
  • Increasing Rewards: The more you engage and meet criteria, the more support you receive from Dmail.
  • Strengthen Partnerships: Use this opportunity to expand your project's influence and community engagement.
  • Learn More: For detailed information on the program and benefits, visit Subhub Incentive Program Details.

Embrace the power of direct and personalized communication with Dmail's Subscription Hub and elevate your project's engagement strategy today!

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