Dmail has Built a Mailbox Fit for the Web3 Era

As a fundamental application of the Internet, email plays a crucial role in identifying online identities and will acquire new characteristics in this new stage of development.

Dmail has Built a Mailbox Fit for the Web3 Era

With the evolution of blockchain technology, the Internet is transitioning into the Web 3.0 era. This shift will significantly expand interaction possibilities while ensuring a new, improved form of digital identity is kept safe and secure.

The Emergence of Dmail- the Next Iteration of Email and Digital Identity

Traditional components of the Internet will also undergo tremendous transformations. As a fundamental application of the Internet, email plays a crucial role in identifying online identities and will acquire new characteristics in this new stage of development.

The introduction of Dmail, a decentralized mailbox, caters to the emerging requirements of the Internet's new age. We have focused on integrating existing mailbox technology with distributed technology.

This integration enables users to utilize the decentralized mailbox efficiently and enjoy the novel functionalities brought about by blockchain technology. For instance, the Dmail mailbox interface resembles a traditional mailbox, allowing users to adapt quickly.

Users can discuss office work, conduct meetings, and even watch streaming media videos within the mail group. The information subscription and push feature allows users to access items of interest promptly. The wallet function empowers email to facilitate encrypted asset transfers and receive airdropped assets. Meanwhile, the IMO module assists users in one-click purchases of high-quality projects, and the distributed storage function ensures the privacy and confidentiality of mail content while filtering spam.

The Dmail mailbox not only acts as a gateway for information exchange between the real world and the blockchain world but also serves as a comprehensive platform for users' leisure, work, and investment. It facilitates the flexible integration of various encrypted DApps, akin to assembling Lego blocks, and provides desired functionalities for users.

Advantages of Dmail over Traditional Mail

In comparison to traditional mailboxes, Dmail offers several advantages. Traditional email operates based on the client-server model, relying on three essential protocols: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3), and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). The sender employs a mail client program to send the mail to the mail server (SMTP server).

The mail server then identifies the recipient's address and forwards the message to the appropriate mail server (POP3 server or IMAP server) that manages the recipient's address. The mail server stores the message in the recipient's email box and notifies the recipient of new mail. However, traditional email ultimately resides in the servers of domain name companies, which exposes personal email to the risks of leaks or loss.

The development of Dmail, a distributed email solution, is rooted in the technical principles of traditional email while integrating distributed technology. It incorporates underlying protocols such as mailbox gateway, identity authentication, and asset gateway to enhance mailbox security and functionality.

In terms of usage, Dmail closely resembles a traditional mailbox regarding interface and operation. Seamless transmission between chain mailboxes and Internet mailboxes is also possible. Concerning storage and security, users need not worry about losing personal archived mail if the domain name company ceases operations. Dmail utilizes distributed storage, ensuring that mail is always stored in the network and can be accessed at any time while minimizing the risk of email content disclosure.

The blockchain mailbox's unique asset function transforms it from an information exchange platform into an integrated investment platform. Users can obtain project information through email, complete transactions, send assets, participate in and receive airdrops, and even apply for high-quality new project assets. With Dmail, the mailbox assumes the role of an asset management tool.

Functional Highlights:

  1. Unique Address Identification and User-Defined Alias: Similar to traditional mailboxes, Dmail employs a unique email address to identify users, with the user's chain address serving as their email address. Users can authorize Dmail to access the mailbox directly or create an account if they don't have one. The system employs an alias system to manage user addresses to protect user privacy and security. Users can set aliases to replace their on-chain addresses as mail accounts, avoiding unnecessary exposure of the chain address during interactions with non-assets. Additionally, within the Dmail system, it is possible to have one alias corresponding to different assets and bind different asset authorizations.
  2. Subscription and Information Push: The Dmail mailbox's information and push system integrates project information from the market, making it accessible to investors. Users can subscribe to project-related information within the system to obtain project assets and airdrop information. The information push function utilizes distributed services to deliver fast, reliable, and cost-effective push services, facilitating large-scale reminders, asset pushes, and other operations related to airdrops, IMOs, and similar activities on the platform.
  3. Rich Asset Management Functions: Building upon a vast array of project information, Dmail incorporates a wallet function into its mailbox system. Users can send, receive, or transfer encrypted assets within the wallet through email. Whenever users discover high-quality items through email information, they can utilize the built-in wallet function to track, trade, send, and transfer assets promptly. Users can even participate in airdrops or complete initial purchases of items through email. Expanding on the range of asset functions, Dmail will open access to other encrypted DApps, fostering the integration of various exciting asset management functionalities on the mailbox platform.
  4. Triple Gateway Mode: To ensure information security during sending and receiving, storage, and asset management, the Dmail system adopts a triple gateway mode consisting of an authentication gateway, mail gateway, and asset gateway. The authentication gateway serves as the basis for all Dmail identities. Users authenticate and authorize themselves within the system through unified authentication. Once authorized, the gateway proceeds to store user information. The mail gateway processes the flow of mail data and performs functions such as mail domain name addressing (obtaining MX records for external mail domain names), mail routing (converting internal and external mail addresses through mail routing to enable seamless connections between internal and external systems), and mail filtering (traffic filtering and spam filtering based on mail header information through the gateway). The asset gateway utilizes underlying asset technology to enable asset transfers within the system, both internally and externally.
  5. Mailbox API Interface: As a blockchain mailbox, Dmail provides an API interface similar to other DApps. Clients accessing the Dmail mailbox system can use the API to perform mailbox operations. The mailbox interface defines four protocols based on the authentication mechanism: sending protocol, receiving protocol, asset operation protocol, and notification protocol.
  6. Governance Function: As the Dmail function expands, the project will issue governance tokens, with Dao becoming a core driving factor in the project's development. The project's development direction, as well as the addition or removal of functionalities, will be decided by the entire community.
  7. Enterprise Applications: Dmail, as a blockchain mailbox, will offer enterprise mailbox, cloud disk, and other services to support the development of blockchain enterprises.

We aim to provide Dmail users with a convenient experience for leisure, work, and investment. Furthermore, we strive to offer infrastructure support for the overall development of cross-chain ecosystems and ultimately establish Dmail as a fundamental gateway and vital link connecting the blockchain world and the real world!

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