DMAIL Integrates BOBA Network Fostering Mutual Growth

Our collaboration with BOBA Network brings numerous benefits to the DMAIL and BOBA communities

DMAIL Integrates BOBA Network Fostering Mutual Growth

We are delighted to announce that DMAIL has integrated with BOBA Network, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, and has been awarded a prestigious grant. This partnership is set to transform the DMAIL user experience through enhanced performance, reduced costs, and innovative features as well as a range of other benefits.

About BOBA Network

BOBA Network is a next-generation blockchain scaling solution that utilizes optimistic rollups on Ethereum and BNB to increase transaction throughput and reduce costs while maintaining its native chain security and decentralization. BOBA is designed to extend the capabilities of smart contracts and make blockchain technology more accessible and efficient.

Here are some key features of BOBA Network:

  • HybridCompute™: This feature allows for advanced, off-chain compute capabilities that can trigger complex smart contracts.
  • Multichain Operability: BOBA supports seamless operations across multiple blockchains, providing versatility and flexibility.
  • Low Gas Fees: Transactions on BOBA Network cost significantly less, making it affordable for users to interact with the blockchain.
  • NET Bridging: This enables easy integration between Layer 1 and Layer 2, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions.
  • High Security: BOBA Network maintains high security standards, ensuring that transactions are secure and reliable.

Partnership Benefits

Our collaboration with BOBA Network Ethereum brings numerous benefits to the DMAIL community:

  • Enhanced Performance: With BOBA’s advanced technology, DMAIL users will experience faster and more efficient communications.
  • Cost Savings: The reduced transaction fees on BOBA Network will make DMAIL more affordable for everyday use.
  • Innovative Features: Users will gain access to BOBA’s unique features such as HybridCompute™ and multichain support, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience.

Incentives and Gamification

As part of this partnership, BOBA Network will provide exciting incentives and gamification opportunities for DMAIL users:

  • Earn BOBA Tokens: Users can earn BOBA tokens by participating in specific activities such as holding BOBA tokens, activating BOBA L2 in their wallets, and engaging with BOBA’s ecosystem.
  • Gamified Tasks: DMAIL will implement a points-based system where users can complete tasks to earn points and rewards. These tasks will promote interaction with BOBA Network’s dApps like Router, Icecream Swap, Lend Land, Teahouse Finance,,, and This gamification strategy is designed to increase user engagement and drive interaction within the BOBA ecosystem.

Mutual Marketing Efforts

The partnership also involves joint marketing initiatives to enhance visibility and engagement:

  • Tier 1 Marketing Support: DMAIL will leverage its platform to promote BOBA’s initiatives to its 10+ million users.
  • Community Engagement: BOBA Foundation will support DMAIL through social media campaigns, Twitter spaces, AMAs, and press releases.

A Future Filled with Promise

This partnership represents a significant step forward for both DMAIL and BOBA Network. By combining our strengths, we aim to drive mutual growth, foster community engagement, and enhance the value proposition for both BOBA tokens and DMAIL’s services. We are committed to providing our community with the best possible experience through this collaboration and are excited about the innovative developments that lie ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and the benefits it will bring for each community! Exciting announcements to follow!

For more information about BOBA, visit BOBA Network.

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