Introducing a New Golden Ticket Initiative for Amplified User Engagement

The newly launched "Giveaways" section on Dmail's Subscription Center offers subscribers unique opportunities to engage with projects and receive exclusive rewards.

Introducing a New Golden Ticket Initiative for Amplified User Engagement

In an exciting development, Dmail Network, a leader in blockchain-based web3 communications, has unveiled a significant upgrade to its DApp, marking a new era of user engagement and interaction.

The introduction of the "Giveaways" section, now termed the "Golden Ticket" initiative, along with multiple specialized segments such as "Influencer," "AI," "DePIN," "RWA," and "L1/L2," is set to redefine how users connect with projects and influencers across the blockchain space.

There is also a new 'Dailies' section where Dmailers can earn daily rewards, and 'Quests' which are one-time activities, as well as a 'Hot Tasks' section showing our community where some of the best rewards can be found.

We invite wide community participation and welcome user integrations into the growing Dmail Network ecosystem. Through the holding/locking/staking of $DMAIL tokens, participants will have the opportunity to receive additional tokens from core partners and fast-growing projects under our ecosystem as an incentive.

Unveiling the "Golden Ticket" Initiative

The "Golden Ticket" initiative offers Dmailers unique opportunities to engage with projects and receive exclusive airdrop rewards. This program provides the community with the chance to participate in various tasks and earn rewards such as Dmail Points, tokens, stablecoins, and other incentives from ecosystem partners through airdrops. Importantly, some reward tasks are only accessible to the Dmailers who hold/lock/stake $DMAIL tokens.

Key Objectives of the Golden Ticket Initiative:

  • Enhance User Benefits: Facilitate access to airdrops of points, tokens, and stablecoins from ecosystem partners.
  • Expand Influence: Boost the influence and user traction of ecosystem partners.
  • Strengthen Brand Impact: Increase the brand impact of Dmail Network by growing the number of ecosystem partners and users.
  • Airdrop Opportunities: Provide Dmailers with higher airdrop and reward opportunities through engagement in daily tasks, one-time tasks, and Giveaways.

Now that the Analog, GoPlus, Solv Protocol Task Rewards campaign has launched, soon SPACE ID, Skale Labs, Boba Network, Questflow, Vara and others will follow! More partners are coming, now to explore more airdrop eligibility.


Dmail Network continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of blockchain communications. With the launch of the "Golden Ticket" initiative and the anticipation of the tokenized Dmail Network Marketing Hub, the platform is poised for unprecedented growth and engagement. As these developments unfold, the future looks incredibly promising for Dmail subscribers and the broader blockchain community. Stay tuned to Dmail's platforms for real-time updates and exclusive insights into these exciting new features.

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