Dmail Network: 2023 A Year in Review

We analyze Dmail Network's numerous successes in 2023 and look ahead to what promises to be an even bigger year of growth, with TGE and the community airdrop in Q1 alongside incredible roadmap developments we have planned.

Dmail Network: 2023 A Year in Review
2023 was a tremendous year for Dmail Network!


As we reflect on the past year at Dmail Network, it's clear that our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Marking a year of unprecedented growth and innovation, we've achieved milestones that have not only solidified our position in the blockchain space but also redefined what's possible in web3 communications. A testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, we've surpassed over 100 million transactions and expanded our presence across 18 different blockchain networks, demonstrating our commitment to interoperability and user accessibility.

One of our most notable advancements this year has been the integration of web2 login capabilities and the pioneering adoption of Worldcoin's World ID for login authentication, enhancing user experience and security. Our efforts have been recognized and supported through several prestigious grants, fueling our mission further.

The conclusion of our highly successful Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in our financial journey, setting a solid foundation for future endeavors. In line with this, we've revamped our website, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and launched our Subscription Hub. This revolutionary service has transformed how projects connect with their audience, garnering over 2.5 million subscriptions and onboarding more than 175 projects in just six weeks. The Subscription Hub exemplifies our innovative approach to bridging the gap between projects and users, leveraging wallets and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

Our foray into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has been equally impressive, with over 2 million NFTs minted under our brand. As we approach the end of the year, our user base is on track to exceed 5 million registered members, a clear indicator of the trust and value we deliver to our community.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are poised for another monumental year. Our roadmap is filled with unique value propositions that cater to both B-end (business) and C-end (consumer) users, promising to elevate the Dmail Network experience to new heights. As we continue to innovate and grow, our focus remains steadfast on empowering users and projects alike, making blockchain-based communication more accessible, secure, and efficient than ever before.

Let's review each month of 2023 as it happened.

Dmail Network: January 2023 -Technological Advancements and Strategic Partnerships

Enhancements and Releases:

  • Version 2.4.0_beta: Integration with Dtools, support for multiple domain names (.eth, .it, .bnb, etc.), and updated contact/email list sorting.
  • Version 2.4.1_beta: Improved speed of DID request flows.
  • Version 2.4.2_beta: Adjustments in Presale orders and payment button functionality.
  • Version 2.4.3_beta: Enhanced accuracy of DID queries and extended Presale order mechanisms.
  • Version 2.4.4_beta: Major UI overhaul, content updates, and logo adjustments.
  • Version 2.4.5_beta: Presale process optimization, welcome email display fixes, and enhanced ENS DID interface.

Technical Progress:

  • Deployed and tested new messaging service code.
  • Initiated NFT wallet development with various functionalities.
  • Successfully launched NFT on the BNB Chain.
  • API updates and comprehensive documentation for system API.
  • Presale process optimization in Dmail mailbox.
  • Improved user NFT collection process and refactored NFT contract code for reduced gas fees.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

  • Launched DaaS (DID-as-a-Service) feature.
  • Collaboration with DotBit for direct access to Dmail services and special airdrop campaign.
  • Participation in KNN3’s Twitter Space event and DotBit community insights sharing.
  • Freemint campaign launches for DotBit, HashKey DID, JazDID, and Unstoppable domain holders.
  • Partnership announcements with HashKey DID, Unstoppable, BitgetInsights, and SpaceID.
  • Article contribution from InfinitySwap.
  • Binance Job Board involvement.
  • Twitter Space event with SpaceID.
  • Introduction of support for Polygon Chain login.
  • Freemint offer for BAB holders.


  • Significant advancements in technical capabilities and strategic partnerships.
  • Notable strides in enhancing platform features and user experience.
  • Groundwork laid for future growth through collaborations and community engagement.
  • Achievements reflecting a commitment to innovation in the web3 communications space.

Dmail Network: February 2023- AI Assistant Launch

Integration with ChatGPT:

  • Dmail Network capitalized on the AI trend by integrating ChatGPT, marking its foray into AI-Generated Content (AIGC).
  • The integration aims to enhance user experience on Dmail, a Web3 collaboration platform.

Introducing the Dmail AI Mail Assistant:

  • The AI Mail Assistant is designed to transform email communication using AI technology.
  • Key features include:
    • Intelligent analysis of email scenarios.
    • Automated matching of email types based on user inputs.
    • Assists in editing email content and layout with custom text inputs (up to 200 characters).
    • Generates intelligent responses to emails (up to 800 characters), with customization options.

Trial and Point System:

  • Dmail offers a 10-use complimentary trial of the AI Mail Assistant.
  • Post-trial, the service costs 10 points per use, with points earned through daily email activities, referrals, and tasks.

Collaborations and NFT Integration:

  • Collaborations with leading DID domain projects (ENS, BAB, Unstoppable, SPACE ID, .bit, JAZ DID, HashKey DID) to enhance user access.
  • Holders of these DIDs can mint Dmail NFTs free of charge, providing access to the AI Mail Assistant.

Future Enhancements:

  • Planned upgrades for the AI Mail Assistant include:
    • Voice support.
    • Quick replies and autofill capabilities.
    • AI-powered search functionality.
    • A variety of user scenario templates.
    • Optimized intelligent responses.
    • Email templates transformation into NFTs.


  • Innovatively integrated ChatGPT to enhance the Dmail Network Web3 platform.
  • Introduced the AI Mail Assistant for advanced email communication.
  • Features include intelligent analysis, automated responses, and editing assistance.
  • Implemented a trial and point system to encourage user engagement.
  • Collaborations with DID domain projects for NFT holder service access.
  • Future enhancements planned: voice support, AI-powered search, and email templates as NFTs.
  • Demonstrates Dmail's commitment to cutting-edge AI integration in the Web3 space.

Dmail Network: March 2023 - System Enhancements and Strategic Alliances

System Optimization and Innovations:

  • Security Optimization: Strengthened interface security, focusing on authentication, authorization, and defense against attacks.
  • Support for LensDID Freemint: Enabled .lens DID users to create FreemintDmail email accounts.
  • Conflux eSpace Network Integration: Enhanced login security and supported decentralized services within the Conflux ecosystem.

New Version Highlights:

  • Refreshed visual design for the entire mailbox.
  • Enhanced mobile compatibility and Wallet Connect functionality.
  • Trust wallet integration for PC login.
  • Improved user guidance and points import page interaction.
  • Cached mail list for faster performance.
  • New feedback function for user insights.

Technical Collaborations and Infrastructure Enhancements:

  • Migration to GCP cloud services from AWS servers.
  • Collaborations with Web3 videoconferencing service providers Huddle01 and BNBChain.
  • Internal database migration and security enhancements.
  • BNBChain contract code optimization to eliminate gas fees for NFT transfers.
  • Azure cloud service sponsorship for combining Azure with ChatGPT server.
  • Development of Trust wallet access code for mailbox login and DID authentication.
  • Implementation of server resource monitoring and alert system.
  • Debugging of interface codes with partners for stable data transfer.
  • Expansion of the mail service with additional SMTP servers.

Strategic Collaborations and Sponsorships:

  • Partnership with Conflux Network: Integration with Conflux eSpace for secure Web3 email communication.
  • Collaboration with HashKey_Capital at ETHDenver: Networking and innovation opportunities with Web3 projects.
  • Support for LensDID: Enhanced security and privacy for email communication using LensDID.


  • Dmail's continued dedication to technological advancement and ecosystem building.
  • Invitation for community feedback and suggestions to shape the future of Dmail.
  • Commitment to providing a superior Web3 communication experience.

Dmail Network: April 2023 - Enhancing User Experience and Strengthening Partnerships

Technological Innovation and User Experience Enhancements:

  • New Version 3.0.0_beta:
    • Revamped client UI with a new visual design for the entire mailbox.
    • Improved mobile compatibility and browser adaptations.
    • Expanded Wallet Connect support to include Trust Wallet, Bitkeep, Tokenpocket, and Imtoken.
    • Streamlined login process for mobile EVM wallet applications and PC Trust Wallet integration.
    • Introduced support for Conflux eSpace DID (.cfx).
    • Enhanced user interface on the points import page and mailing list caching.
    • Optimized login mechanism for quicker access.
    • New feedback function for user insights.
  • Contacts Feature (Version 3.1.0_beta):
    • Launched a new contact management feature for efficient and secure storage and access.

Key Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • Partnership with Conflux Network:
    • Collaboration enables Conflux users to log in to Dmail with their Conflux wallets, enhancing decentralized communication.
  • Collaboration with BNB Chain Easter Egg Hunt:
    • Participation in the BNB Chain event, co-announcing the start and offering prizes to BNB Chain users.
  • Support for LensDID and WorldCoin:
    • Integration of LensDID and WorldCoin login, boosting security, privacy, and convenience.

Community Engagement and Expansion:

  • Participated in HK BUIDL and Web3 Festival 2023 in Hong Kong, sharing insights and networking.
  • Achieved a milestone of over 200K Dmail NFT accounts, indicating growing platform adoption.
  • Active engagement on social media, including Twitter Spaces, to discuss AI and Web3's future.


  • Dmail's continued dedication to creating a secure and user-centric communication platform.
  • Invitation for community feedback to contribute to the future development of Dmail.

Dmail Network: May 2023 - Continuous Growth and Technological Excellence

User Growth and Satisfaction:

  • Witnessed significant growth in the number of Dmail users, reflecting trust and satisfaction with the platform.
  • Committed to enhancing user experience based on feedback and optimization of products.

Partnership Expansion:

  • Collaborated with leading companies and organizations for technological innovation and feature integration.
  • These partnerships provide comprehensive solutions and convenience to Dmail users.

Technological Developments:

  • New Version Releases:
    • 3.1.3_beta (May 16, 2023): Worldcoin login and Freemint with 0 gas fee.
    • 3.1.4_beta (May 24, 2023): Sei network, keplr wallet, Leap wallet login, and Freemint with 0 gas fee.
    • 3.1.5_beta (May 24, 2023): Sei webmail sending/receiving, Freemint payment with added features, and Cassava DID support.
  • Implemented features like third-party message alerts, asset movement message alerts, full node data retrieval, email forwarding to third-party emails and Telegram, and Oauth SDK functionality.
  • Integrated Worldcoin DID for login, verification, and profile picture display.

  • Enabled SEI network integration for enhanced user interactions and point earnings.

Domain Extensions and Cross-Chain Communication:

  • Added support for domain extensions (.x, .blockchain, .wallet, etc.) for login and cross-chain communication.
  • Integrated zkSync Name Service for cross-chain DID communication.

Strategic Collaborations and Activities:

  • Exclusive airdrops for BAB and SpaceID holders.
  • Partnership with Webacy for analyzing transactions.
  • Collaboration with Secondlive for Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration.
  • Partnership with SeiNetwork for optimal experiences in NFTs, games, and DeFi.
  • Launched activities for new version iterations.
  • Integrated Worldcoin into Dmail’s digital identity infrastructure.

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Dedication to providing high-quality communication services.
  • Focus on continuous innovation, user privacy, and data security.
  • Encouragement for user feedback to guide future development.


  • Dmail Network continues to lead in the industry with advancements in technology and strategic partnerships.
  • Invitation for community engagement to contribute to Dmail’s growth and innovation.

Dmail Network: June 2023 - Advancements and Collaborations in the Heat of Summer

Product Updates:

  • New Account System and DID Development:
    • Three new versions released, enhancing the functionality and user experience:
      • 3.1.6_beta: SEI wallet login for NFT transfer and Manta wallet login with 0 gas fee.
      • 3.1.7_beta: IoTeX DID launch and PearDao support, both with free mint.
      • 3.1.8_beta: Solana network support and Phantom Wallet login with 0 gas fee.

Technical Progress:

  • Developed features for user subscription, message source, notification, and forwarding.
  • Completed SDK service development for third-party user integration.
  • Enhanced SDK service with multiple nodes for stability and availability.
  • Completed technical integration documents focusing on Greenfield, ZK, and TEE.
  • Launched Worldcoin ID login and real identity verification functionality.
  • Developed and tested new IoTeX chain contract for .io domain users.

Market Updates:

  • Celebrated the first anniversary of Dmail Beta Mainnet with significant achievements.

  • Engaged in presentations and community interactions with partners like PearDAO.
  • Joined the SEI ecosystem, expanding coverage and communication on a faster Layer 1 chain.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • Launched partnerships with various organizations, including SecondLive, DREP, Gametacus, and 4everland.
  • Integration with Phantom Wallet and deployment on the BNB Chain.
  • Received funding from Manta Network for zkSBT development.
  • Launched cross-chain communication solutions on Celo.
  • Upgraded account pre-sale, enhancing order processing speed and resolving issues.


  • Reiterated commitment to data security, user privacy, and building a trusted platform.
  • Encouraged user feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement.
  • Expressed gratitude for ongoing support and trust from the Dmail community.

Dmail Network: July 2023 - Navigating New Horizons and Celebrating Milestones

Product Developments:

  • Upgrades to Account System and Network Integration:
    • Version 4.0.0_beta: Introduced new account system, 4.0 global guidance, and enhanced welcome emails.
    • Version 4.0.1_beta: ZKsync network login support and optimization of the new account system.
    • Version 4.0.2_beta: Twitter sharing for invitations and SPACID purchase guidance on DID page.
    • Version 4.0.3_beta: Starknet network support with Argent X Braavos wallet login.
    • Version 4.1.0_beta: Browser notification feature and email or Telegram forwarding.

Technological Advancements:

  • Completed Notify functionality testing and developer platform joint testing.
  • Upgraded message storage solution to support larger decentralized storage capacities.
  • Expanded on-chain data sources for asset monitoring.
  • Developed and deployed ZKsync and Starknet contracts for email processing.
  • Enhanced email service and pre-sale service processing capacities.

Market Developments:

  • Manta wallet integration for Web3 message sending.
  • Participation in IoTeX's Twitter Space event.
  • Inclusion in Binance Smart Chain, SeiNetwork, and IBC Chains’ interoperable DApps browser.
  • Collaboration with SeiNetwork for an airdrop and free Dmail NFT accounts.
  • Free default addresses for Web3 email sending on Dmail would lead to a massive surge in user acquisition- going from a million users in July to 5 million by the close of the year.
  • Participation in various conferences, invitation programs, and events. Our COO, Daniel attended ETHcc in Paris and did some tireless networking, as well as joining and speaking on an expert panel set up by Polygon and Sending Labs about Web3 user acquisition.
  • Partnerships with BNB Greenfield, Bitkeep, and SpaceID.
  • Celebrated achieving 1,000,000 on-chain addresses
  • Completion of a successful and lauded Pre-A Round


  • Reaffirmation of commitment to user satisfaction, continuous improvement, and innovation.
  • Emphasis on data protection and security measures.
  • Gratitude expressed for user support and feedback, driving continuous evolution and delivery of top-notch services.

Dmail Network: August 2023 - Innovating for the Future

Product Updates:

  • Enhanced Email Service and Notify Feature:
    • Version 4.1.0_beta: Added browser notification feature and improved Presale mechanism.
    • Version 4.1.1_beta: Improved Web3-related email storage and simplified Presale code.
    • Version 4.1.2_beta: Integrated 3DNFT query interface and added Presale order claiming within the email inbox.
    • Version 4.1.3_beta: Fixed login issues, resolved point duplication, and deployed Sei mainnet contract.
    • Version 4.1.4_beta: Added Twitter follow task and various other optimizations.

Technical Updates:

  • Optimized underlying Web3 email service code using Rust and Dfinity’s stable memory storage.
  • Upgraded user login process and deployed Sei mainnet contract.
  • Developed Linea mainnet contract and implemented new browser notification features.

Market Updates:

  • Participation in various events, including Binance Live, hosted by Manta and online events by Hashkey.
  • Launched integration with SpaceID domain names and collaborated with CryptoKSA for a giveaway event.
  • Announced partnerships with Ruby, Analog, and PearDAO.
  • Official launch on zkSync and Sei mainnet, expanding cross-chain messaging capabilities.
  • Celebrated over 2 million users and 20 million messages transmitted.

  • Received significant donations during the 18th Gitcoin for Web3 social projects.
  • Collaborated with EthereumDaily and top-tier public chains for giveaway events and activities.


  • Reiterated commitment to user satisfaction, continuous improvement, and innovation.
  • Emphasized data protection and reinforced security measures.
  • Expressed gratitude for user support and feedback, driving forward Dmail's continuous development and innovation.

Dmail Network: September 2023 - Embracing Innovation and Expansion

Product Updates:

  • Enhancements and New Features:
    • Version 4.1.6_beta: Enhanced encryption algorithm.
    • Version 4.1.7_beta: Optimized email sending/receiving, fixed NFTmint bugs, and integrated Safepal wallet.
    • Version 4.1.8_beta: Introduced Web2 Google login using Web3auth.
    • Version 4.1.9_beta: Added opBNB network support.
    • Version 4.2.0_beta: New feature for subscribed lists and subscription inbox.
  • Subscription Hub 1.0 beta:
    • Email login and project creation tools.
    • Dashboard for subscriber management and message push.
    • Settings for project information updates.

Technical Advances:

  • Web3 Email Service:
    • Expanded mail wasm container storage and batch querying/writing interfaces.
    • Implemented Google account authorization for Dmail login.
    • Integrated Subscription Hub using Dmail protocol SDK.
  • Subscription Hub 1.0:
    • Reconstructed web2 sending service using Rust.
    • Built a separate NFT domain for independent use by project parties.

Market Progress:

  • Integration with Linea network and collaboration with Argent and Cassava wallets.
  • Dmail's burgeoning social media presence began to become obvious to everyone.

  • Participation in Binance Live event and BNB Chain Ecosystem Catalyst event.
  • Hosted Twitter Spaces with top-tier public chains and wallet ecosystem leads.
  • Ranked second in on-chain active users on zkSync.
  • Hosted online events with partners and giveaways.
  • Official launch on opBNB chain.
  • WON 1st Place in the BNB Innovation Excellence Category, garnering over 50,000 community votes.


  • Commitment to delivering a high-quality user experience and improving user satisfaction.
  • Emphasis on data protection and reinforced security measures.
  • Gratitude for user support and feedback, driving forward Dmail's continuous development.
Dmail Monthly Report: October 2023

Dmail Network: October 2023 - Enhancing Services and Expanding Networks

Product Updates:

  • Iterative Upgrades and New Features:
    • Versions 4.2.1_beta to 4.2.7_beta: Introduced various network supports including Manta Pacific, Scroll mainnet, and Base mainnet, along with free mint points and chat functionality.
    • Subscription Hub Versions 1.0.1_beta and 1.0.2_beta: Added network visibility for subscribers, Google login implementation, and project certification features.

Technical Developments:

  • Subscription Hub Enhancements:
    • Integrated network distribution analytics and Google GSI for one-click authorization login.
    • Incorporated Twitter authorization capability.
    • Extended email support to Manta, Scroll, and Base mainnets.
    • Transitioned from Web3Auth to Particle for Web2 login integration.
    • Implemented Sendinglabs Chat SDK for messaging between MetaMask wallets.

Marketing Progress:

  • Hosted informative sessions with guests from BNB Chain and OK Wallet.
  • Upgraded AI email assistant to a version supported by ChatGPT-4.
  • Ranked 10th in BNB Chain interaction data and 4th in SocialFi projects by EthereumDaily.
  • Supported Manta Pacific network with Free mint opportunities.
  • Ranked 8th hottest BNB Chain project by BSCDaily.
  • Participated in various events including DappRadar Space and Scroll mainnet's launch.
  • Launched Dmail's Subscription Hub for targeted messaging to Web3 user groups. Over 70 projects joined in the first round of onboarding, now that figure will stand to be around 200 at the end of 2023!


  • Dmail remains committed to its mission despite market volatility, inviting community engagement and suggestions for further improvements.
  • Dmail is expanding its product suite and has made excellent initial progress with the SubHub- a B-end product designed to connect users and businesses in web3 by allowing messages to be sent directly to subscribers' wallets.
Dmail 2023 November Monthly Report

Dmail Network: November 2023 - Advancing Features and Strengthening Market Presence

Product Updates:

Overhauled website design at

  • Iterative Enhancements and Integration:
    • Version 4.2.8_beta: Integrated Presale ICP payment, enhanced hash verification, and fuzzy search in Subscription Center.
    • Version 4.2.9_beta: Added Tron login, implemented Zetachain testnet login, automated NFT minting, and launched a revamped official website.

Technical Advancements:

  • Feature Optimization and Security Improvements:
    • Optimized ICP hash verification using an RPC interface in Rust.
    • Automated NFT distribution for unclaimed presale purchases with a Golang script.
    • Implemented HSTS policy for frontend domain security.
    • Overhauled the official website's front end, integrating new features and displays.

Marketing Progress:

  • Strategic Collaborations and Community Engagement:
    • Successfully integrated with BASE chain, boosting interaction data.
    • Collaborated with Starknet for the Starknet Takeover event.
    • Launched DmailSubhub, attracting over 80 projects and 650K subscribers.
    • Partnered with OKX Wallet for a giveaway event.
    • Supported Base chain login and Freemint access.
    • Ranked highly on the Linea chain and in active user data.
    • Formed a strategic partnership with DEGO and integrated it into Dmail Subhub.
    • Hosted an influential Space event and celebrated community milestones.
    • Unveiled a roadmap and economic model milestones.

    • Launched Thanksgiving event and introduced enhanced Subhub search functionality.


  • Dmail remains dedicated to innovation and stability, focusing on secure and convenient encrypted communication.
  • The team values user feedback and is committed to refining and expanding services to ensure privacy and satisfaction.
  • Thanks the community for ongoing support and looks forward to sharing future growth and achievements.

Dmail- December 2023: Security and Expansion

  • Market Developments:
    • Witnessed growth and adaptation in blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors despite regulatory uncertainties and market volatility.
    • Dmail continued to provide secure, blockchain-based email services amidst these market conditions.
  • Product Updates:
    • Security enhancements and bug optimizations.
    • Launched versions 4.3.0_beta to 4.3.2_beta, featuring wallet connect upgrades, email time display fixes, server-side validation enhancements, and comprehensive interface security checks.
  • Technical Advancements:
    • Dmail DApp Security Upgrade
      1. Security verification of EVM wallet login information.
      2. Server-side security
        1. Resolved consistency between MetaMask user and server-side permissions.
        2. Parameter verification for the email sending interface.
        3. Modified the verification mechanism for SMID.
        4. Added SPF to verify the correctness of emails.
      3. Interface Upgrade
        1. Transfer NFT domains
        2. Upload & download attachments
        3. On-chain and server-side data statistics
        4. DaaS (DID-as-a-Service)
        5. Token ownership verification
  • Partnerships and Community Events:
    • Dmail participated in a huge BnB Holiday Space
    • Dmail is the Leading SocialFi Project for monthly active users
    • More significant milestones were reached for Dmail
  • Milestones and Future Outlook:
    • Significant user engagement and activity across various blockchain platforms.
    • Plans for expanded presence and services across multiple chains and ecosystems.
    • Continual commitment to innovation and security in blockchain communication.

Conclusion- 2023 was an Incredible Year for Dmail Network!

2023 saw huge advances at Dmail. We originally set a target of a million users by the end of the year, yet we smashed this target by August.

The rest of the year we saw phenomenal growth, racing to over 5 million users who had sent a combined total of over 100 million message transactions. Our dApp is exceptionally interconnected as a cross-chain communication hub, with Web2 login supported alongside 18 chains with more on the way.

We launched our Subhub and were already serving over 180 projects by the end of the year after less than 2 months! Millions of subscriptions have already been made, with over 25 projects having 100,000+ subscribers in such a short space of time.

2024 promises to be an outstanding year, with both our TGE and Airdrop touted for Q1 and value propositions such as our #MailtoEarn program being developed. This initiative will ensure that users can fully realize the potential of their data ownership and will allow them to essentially tokenize it by getting paid to read messages they are interested in and have subscribed to. We anticipate that once this catches on, we can bring tens of millions of new users into Dmail and blockchain- after all, who wouldn't want to be paid to engage with interesting information?

We wish you all a fantastic year ahead, 2024 promises to be a magnificent year for crypto with ETF approvals, and the halving and general acceleration of adoption as technology such as Account Abstraction makes the UI much easier for non-crypto natives. If 2024 is the year of the Dragon, we will be breathing fire by the end of it!

Happy New Year, Dmailers!

Connect with Dmail: Website | Twitter | Discord | Github | Telegram