OGCommunity Joins Dmail Network's SubHub: Uniting Web2 and Web3 Gaming Worlds

Dmail Network has rapidly become a leading platform in blockchain communication, boasting nearly 9 million users and facilitating over 160 million message transactions.

OGCommunity Joins Dmail Network's SubHub: Uniting Web2 and Web3 Gaming Worlds
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Dmail Network is excited to announce a strategic partnership with OGCommunity (OGC), an emerging powerhouse in both Web2 and Web3 gaming communities. By joining forces with Dmail's Subscription Hub, OGCommunity embarks on a journey to become the most influential project for players, influencers, investors, developers, analysts, and enthusiasts in the gaming industry.

Dmail Network: Pioneering Blockchain Communication

Dmail Network has rapidly become a leading platform in blockchain communication, boasting Over 9 million users and facilitating over 180 million message transactions. With more than 250 projects onboarded to the Subscription Hub, Dmail provides a unique environment for direct engagement between projects and their audience through secure wallets and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), significantly enhancing project visibility and user interaction.

Introducing OGCommunity: A New Era in Gaming

OGCommunity is setting a new standard for gaming communities in both the Web2 and Web3 landscapes. As a vibrant and open platform, OGC allows users worldwide to connect, share experiences, grow, and earn together. From information about new games, streams, and tournaments to influencing the development of gaming projects, OGC offers an inclusive space for all members to receive equal rights and access to vital information.

Empowering Members through GameFi and Community Engagement

OGC is dedicated to empowering its members by providing resources for daily passive income, self-evolution, and earning opportunities in GameFi. Membership in the community requires no investment or purchase; it's based on daily actions within the application, with monetization strategies centered on advertising and income from ecosystem development distributed among active participants.

A Partnership Fostering Growth and Synergies

The partnership between Dmail Network and OGCommunity is poised to foster significant growth and explore further synergies within the gaming industry. By integrating into the Dmail Subscription Hub, OGC not only gains access to an expansive user base eager to engage with gaming content but also aligns with Dmail's commitment to supporting projects that drive innovation and community development.

As part of the Dmail ecosystem, OGCommunity members can look forward to enhanced visibility for their gaming events, streams, and tournaments, along with direct access to a platform that champions the integration of blockchain technology in gaming.

Joining Forces for a Unified Gaming Future

With an ambitious roadmap that includes the launch of an OGC DAO, Academy, App, Launchpad, Airdrops team, and much more, OGCommunity is at the forefront of one of the most promising industries of the future. This collaboration with Dmail Network underscores both parties' dedication to building a strong, unified community in the world of gaming.

To become a part of this groundbreaking community and stay updated on the latest in gaming, visit OGCommunity's main site, follow them on Twitter, and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram.

Together, Dmail Network and OGCommunity are not just bridging Web2 and Web3 gaming; they are creating a global powerhouse community that supports the growth, development, and enjoyment of gaming for everyone involved. Join us as we pave the way for the most powerful community in the world of gaming.

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