Recap of Beincrypto and ICPcc X Space: - The Synergy Between Dmail and ICP Technology

As a GOLD sponsor of the ICPCC, Dmail is working closely with the ICP community to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Recap of Beincrypto and ICPcc X Space:  - The Synergy Between Dmail and ICP Technology


Hello, I'm Daniel James, the COO of Dmail Network. Recently, we had an incredible Twitter Space conversation with Beincrypto, a leading Web3 marketing platform, and ICPCC, the Internet Computer Protocol Community Conference. During the session, we explored how our decision to build on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has been pivotal in catapulting Dmail into a pioneering force in Web3 communications.

Proud to Be a GOLD Sponsor for ICPCC

Dmail is working closely with the ICP community to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. This partnership is rooted in our shared vision of a decentralized internet, and we're excited to leverage ICP's advanced technology to achieve our mission. Our deep integration with ICP technology, coupled with our role as a GOLD sponsor of ICPCC, highlights our commitment to redefining secure and decentralized digital communication.

Dmail's Recent Traction:

In the Twitter Space, we shared some exciting metrics that showcase Dmail's remarkable growth and traction:

  • We've integrated with 23 blockchain networks, making Dmail a truly multichain project.
  • Nearly 10,000,000 users have joined our platform, with thousands of encrypted messages sent daily, leveraging ICP's low-latency infrastructure.
  • Over 3 MILLION NFT domains have now been minted by our community!
  • Over
  • Our ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with more than 300 projects and over 100 influencers utilizing our Subscription Hub.

These milestones underscore our position as a leader in Web3 communication, driven by the innovative technologies of the ICP ecosystem.

ICP's Foundational Technologies and Their Impact on Dmail

Chain Key Technology

During the Space, we discussed how ICP's chain key technology is a cornerstone of our platform. This feature allows the network to finalize transactions incredibly fast — typically within 1-2 seconds. It also supports the network’s ability to update and fix itself without requiring hard forks, which are a common challenge in other blockchain systems. For Dmail, this means we can offer our users real-time messaging capabilities with minimal latency and enhanced reliability, crucial for maintaining high standards of communication.

Node Structure and Network Nervous System (NNS)

ICP is more than just a blockchain; it’s a protocol designed to create a decentralized internet. The nodes, run by independent parties, are organized and managed by the Network Nervous System (NNS), the world's largest DAO. This autonomous, tokenized governance system not only upgrades the protocol and onboards new nodes but also manages the network's economics. Dmail leverages this structure to ensure that our messaging system remains robust and adaptable to the evolving demands of the Web3 space.

Canister Smart Contracts

Another crucial aspect we highlighted was ICP's "canisters" — advanced smart contracts that act both as containers for code and data and as computational units. These canisters can serve web content directly to end-users, eliminating the need for external hosting services. This capability is integral to Dmail, allowing us to deliver a decentralized messaging service directly to users' devices, enhancing both speed and security.

Internet Identity

ICP's Internet Identity system offers a user-friendly and secure authentication method, eliminating the need for traditional usernames and passwords or reliance on third-party identity providers. This feature aligns perfectly with Dmail’s vision of enhancing user privacy and security, ensuring that each user’s digital identity is protected and verifiable within our communication ecosystem.

Reverse Gas Model

One of ICP’s most innovative aspects is its reverse gas model, where the developer or the canister, rather than the user, bears the computation costs. This user-friendly approach removes barriers to entry for new users who are not familiar with the intricacies of blockchain technology. It was a decisive factor in why Dmail chose ICP as our initial deployment platform, as it aligns with our goal to broaden our user base without compromising on functionality.

Data Storage and Efficiency

ICP’s ability to efficiently and securely store data on-chain is essential for Dmail, as we handle vast amounts of message transactions and data. This feature contrasts sharply with other blockchains that struggle with data storage scalability and costs. Our platform's scalability and robust data handling capabilities are thus significantly enhanced by ICP's superior data storage solutions.


Lastly, ICP’s design prioritizes energy efficiency, addressing common criticisms of blockchain technology’s environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability is vital for Dmail as we aim to provide a green and responsible digital communication service.


Our Twitter Space with Beincrypto and ICPCC was a fantastic opportunity to share how our decision to build Dmail on ICP was strategic and forward-thinking. The unique features of ICP, from chain key technology to the innovative reverse gas model, have empowered us to deliver a cutting-edge, secure, and user-friendly communication platform. As we continue to grow and evolve, the integration with ICP ensures that Dmail remains at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, setting new standards for what digital communication can achieve.

Thank you to Beincrypto and ICPCC for providing the platform to share our story, and we look forward to continuing to build alongside this incredible community.

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