Recap of the Pizza Day Sphere X AMA: Insights from Dmail Network

We joined the vibrant Sphere X Space to celebrate Pizza Day and share some insights about Dmail and the broader blockchain space.

Recap of the Pizza Day Sphere X AMA: Insights from Dmail Network

A big thank you to Sphere X and the projects that attended for making such a memorable Pizza Day! Here we highlight what was discussed by Dmail Network during the discussion.

1. Self-introduction and Project Overview

Daniel James, COO of Dmail Network:
Hello everyone, I’m Daniel James, the COO of Dmail Network. At Dmail, we’re revolutionizing communication with blockchain technology and AI. We’re building an AI agent and assistant to make interactions smoother, and next quarter, we’re rolling out relayer nodes as part of our DePIN initiative. We’re on 23 different blockchain networks and support logins via Worldcoin and Gmail.

We have over 10 million registered users and about 1.5 million active users each month. Dmail is a top SocialFi project by user activity and transaction volume, and we have over 300 partners. We support web2 emails and cross-chain messaging to wallets and DIDs. Recently, we launched our Subscription Hub, which hundreds of projects and influencers use to send messages directly to their subscribers' wallets or DIDs.

2. Innovations and Core Competencies of Projects

Daniel James on Dmail Network's Strengths:
At Dmail Network, our strength lies in blending the ease of web2 with the benefits of web3, like data sovereignty and tokenization. Our platform lets users control their data and earn through our 'MailtoEarn' model. We’re integrating AI to enhance user experience and communication efficiency.

Soon, we’ll introduce relayer nodes to make our network even more decentralized and robust. Our ability to support both traditional and blockchain-based communication, along with our innovative Subscription Hub, sets us apart as a unique bridge between the old and new digital worlds.

3. Exciting Innovations in the Crypto Space

Daniel James on Current Innovations:
There are so many exciting things happening in crypto right now. One big area is the integration of real-world assets into blockchain ecosystems, which opens up new investment opportunities. AI is also making waves by improving security and automating complex tasks.

Then there’s DePIN, or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, which involve creating decentralized networks of physical infrastructure like relayer nodes. These innovations are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making the crypto space more efficient, secure, and inclusive.

4. Challenges in the Crypto Industry and Solutions

Daniel James on Industry Challenges:
The crypto industry faces several key challenges. Security and scams are major concerns, so we need better cryptographic techniques and user education. For mainstream adoption, the user experience needs to be simplified, making it as easy as possible for new users to get on board. This involves creating user-friendly interfaces and offering plenty of support to help people navigate this space.

5. Hopes and Expectations for the Future of Crypto

Daniel James on the Future of Crypto:
Looking to the future, I hope for a crypto world that’s fairer and more equitable. I imagine users earning from their activities on platforms, ensuring everyone gets a fair share of the value they create. Data privacy will be paramount, with no more data harvesting without consent.

Everything will be secure and tamper-proof, and smart contracts will create trustless environments where agreements execute automatically. Ultimately, I believe that with continued innovation and collaboration, crypto can lead to a more transparent, secure, and just digital future.


The recent AMA hosted by Sphere X brought together leading minds from various projects, shedding light on the current state and future potential of the crypto industry. Daniel James of Dmail Network highlighted the innovative strides his team is making in the realm of blockchain-based communication, emphasizing the seamless integration of web2 and web3 technologies.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, it is clear that innovation, security, and user empowerment will remain at the forefront, driving the industry towards a more inclusive and efficient future.

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