Subscription Hub Messaging: Steps for Your Channel after Signing up

You've set up your channel, and now it's time to start messaging and growing your subscribers!

Subscription Hub Messaging: Steps for Your Channel after Signing up


Note: This article is directed at projects that have signed up or are in the process of signing up for the Subscription Hub.

Welcome to the Subscription Hub (SubHub), where your project can connect with a dedicated audience, engage with them directly, and grow your community. This guide will walk you through the process from registration to engagement, ensuring you make the most of the SubHub’s features.

We're delighted to announce that within a week of launch, we have already seen over 650,000 subscriptions across 80+ projects, with many in the process of joining!

Leverage the power of direct communication with the Subscription Hub to reach the wallets and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) of engaged subscribers. Here’s how to optimize your messaging strategy:

Step 1: Project Registration

Action Items:

  • Sign the MOU with your project details.
  • Set up your project profile, ensuring it aligns with your brand identity.
  • Work with Dmail and other projects to grow your subscribers! You can see how many subscribers you have when you log in in the dashboard.

Step 2: Initiating Communication

Action Items:

  • Craft your welcome message to greet new subscribers.
  • Develop a content calendar for consistent messaging.
  • Send out your first broadcast message to engage subscribers.
  • Aim to message daily, like you would with social media posts.
  • Content can range from simple project updates to full articles, newsletters, or whatever else you want to share with your audience.

Step 3: Blog Articles

Action Items:

  • Write a blog post about your project’s vision and how it benefits the community.
  • Share insights and updates regularly to keep your audience informed.
  • Use analytics to understand engagement and refine your content strategy.
  • Dmail will write a partnership article for projects that are frequently using the SubHub and publish it on our blog and share via socials. Examples can be seen here:
Bitget Wallet Joins Dmail’s SubHub for Direct User Communication
Bitget Wallet’s joining of SubHub was a straightforward process. By signing up, Bitget has effortlessly secured a communication channel that connects them with a diverse and sizable audience across multiple blockchain networks.

Step 4: Maximizing SubHub Visibility Through Social Media

Elevate your project's presence and subscriber count with strategic social media sharing of your SubHub involvement. Here's how to optimize your approach:

Social Media Integration

Action Items:

  • Profile Highlight: Place your SubHub link prominently in your social media bios to ensure visibility.
  • Regular Sharing: Incorporate your SubHub link into regular content posts, making subscriptions just a click away for followers.

Engagement and Calls-to-Action

Action Items:

  • Engaging Posts: Craft compelling posts that explain the benefits of subscribing via SubHub, such as exclusive content or insights.
  • Clear CTAs: Use clear and direct calls-to-action, encouraging your community to sign up for direct updates.

Leveraging Analytics

Action Items:

  • Track Engagement: Monitor how much traffic and how many subscriptions are generated from each social media post.
  • Optimize Posting Times: Use analytics to determine the best times to post for maximum engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

By integrating these practices into your social media strategy, you can significantly increase the awareness and adoption of your SubHub channel, fostering a more connected and informed community.

Step 5: Hosting Spaces or Joining Dmail's Space as a Guest

Action Items:

  • Plan a Space event once you reach a milestone number of subscribers.
  • Promote the event across your channels to ensure maximum participation.
  • Engage with participants during the Space to foster community relations.
  • Tell your community to Subscribe via a CTA and offer incentives to join your channel
  • Apply to join a Dmail X Space- Dmail has had recent X spaces with the very top projects in the industry, with more than 30,000 live listeners.

*NOTE- We will only accept regular users of the SubHub on an X space where we will talk about your experience of the SubHub, grow your subscribers in an event, and promote your project.

Step 6: Regular Announcements

Action Items:

  • Schedule regular updates about new admissions and features.
  • Highlight subscriber milestones and success stories.
  • Keep the community informed about upcoming events and initiatives.
  • Use all channels at your disposal- including your Sub Hub channel. Always feel free to ask Dmail to amplify. We will always look to help projects promote their SubHub channel.

Step 7: Subscription Tier Benefits

Action Items:

  • Understand the different service tiers and what each offers.
  • Aim for subscription milestones to unlock additional benefits.
  • Offer exclusive content or incentives to encourage more sign-ups.

Optimizations and Additional Steps:

  • Feedback Loops: Implement mechanisms to gather subscriber feedback to improve your offerings.
  • Customization: Personalize messages based on subscriber activity and preferences.
  • Analytics: Regularly review performance metrics to optimize message timing and content.
  • Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with other projects on SubHub to cross-promote and expand your reach.
  • Multi-Channel Reach: Remind your subscribers that they can get your updates in various channels, including via Telegram feed as well as their email of choice and desktop notifications. More integrations with other platforms will be unveiled soon.

Direct Engagement

  • Personalize Messages: Tailor communications to user preferences and behaviors for a more personal touch.
  • Actionable Insights: Use data analytics to understand subscriber interactions and refine your messaging strategy.

Content Strategy

  • Value-Driven Content: Provide content that adds value to your subscribers, such as exclusive updates or early access to new features.
  • Consistency is Key: Maintain a regular schedule for updates to keep your subscribers informed and engaged.

Community Building

  • Interactive Formats: Host AMAs, polls, and quizzes to foster a sense of community and interaction.
  • Make use of Dmail's significant community and marketing prowess to help promote your brand and grow your subscriber list.
  • Subscriber Milestones: Celebrate community growth and milestones to acknowledge and thank your subscribers.

Feedback and Adaptation

  • Listen and Learn: Encourage and act on feedback to continuously improve the subscriber experience.
  • Stay Agile: Be ready to adapt your strategy based on subscriber needs and industry trends.

By following this guide, your project can effectively utilize the SubHub to its full potential, ensuring that your messages resonate with your audience and your community thrives. Remember, consistent engagement and quality content are key to your success on the platform.

Good luck!

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