Summary of the First Twitter Space with Dfinity, Linea, and Manta

With over 3,000 listeners tuning in, the event offered valuable insights into the current state of the blockchain industry.

Summary of the First Twitter Space with Dfinity, Linea, and Manta

Overview: In a recent Twitter Space session, the Dmail team had the privilege of hosting three prominent figures from the blockchain space: Lomesh Dutta from Dfinity, Declan Sewell from Linea, and Jennifer Kong from Manta (though, due to technical issues, Jennifer was unable to join so later provided a written response which is linked in the transcript and also summarized here).

This captivating conversation delved into the intricacies of these blockchain projects, their goals, and the challenges and innovations that shape their journey. With over 3,000 listeners tuning in, the event offered valuable insights into the current state of the blockchain industry.

  • A link to the Space can be found here.
  • A transcript (not Verbatim) can be read here.


  • Lomesh, VP of Growth at Dfinity, introduced himself and highlighted his role as a contributor to the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain, a Layer 1 chain.
  • Declan, Product Lead at Linea, discussed Linea's role as a ZK EVM roll-up on Ethereum, incubated by ConsenSys.
  • Jennifer, representing Manta Network, expressed her enthusiasm for the event and introduced Manta as a modular Layer 2 (L2) solution using the OP Stack and Celestia DA infrastructure.

Blockchain Introductions:

  • Lomesh discussed the unique features of ICP, emphasizing its goal of hosting 100% of Web3 on-chain, including user data, assets, and computational storage. He highlighted the importance of decentralized end-to-end systems and the elimination of centralized cloud services.
  • Declan explained Linea's approach to scalability and its focus on providing a scalable execution layer on Ethereum. He emphasized Linea's compatibility with Ethereum's EVM environment and its ability to offer higher throughput and lower transaction costs while maintaining security and decentralization.
  • Jennifer provided insights into Manta Pacific, highlighting its modular L2 solution and its advantages in terms of lower gas fees. She also mentioned the growing number of projects committed to building on Manta Network.

Challenges in the Blockchain Industry:

  • Lomesh identified user experience as a significant challenge, particularly the reluctance of users to pay for interactions with decentralized applications (dApps). He emphasized the importance of eliminating barriers to user adoption.
  • Declan highlighted infrastructure as a hurdle for developers and the high costs associated with building on Ethereum. He discussed the potential of roll-ups to reduce transaction costs and simplify the onboarding process for users.
  • Jennifer's response to this question is not provided.

Solutions for Improved User Experience:

  • Lomesh discussed Internet Identity as a privacy-preserving identity solution for ICP, enabling easy authentication for users. He also emphasized the benefits of the reverse gas model for developers.
  • Declan emphasized Linea's focus on simplifying the user experience through integration with Metamask and its commitment to lowering transaction costs while maintaining security.
  • Jennifer's response to this question is not provided.

Advantages of Their Respective Chains:

  • Lomesh highlighted ICP's sovereignty and the requirement for node operators to host their nodes independently, ensuring decentralization. He also mentioned ICP's compatibility with multiple chains.
  • Declan emphasized Linea's scalability, use of ZK proofs, and its role as a user-friendly gateway to Web3.
  • Jennifer's response to this question is not provided.

Future Projects and Innovation:

  • Lomesh discussed the need for experimentation on the blockchain and envisioned a web3 world where various types of dApps, including those similar to popular web2 apps, thrive.
  • Declan mentioned emerging trends in DeFi and entertainment, including NFT-based wallets, and emphasized Linea's role in supporting innovation in these areas.
  • Jennifer discussed Manta Pacific's plans to support fully on-chain games and its growing ecosystem of projects.

Growth and Marketing Initiatives:

  • Lomesh highlighted developer grants, developer relations support, and community grants as part of Dfinity's growth initiatives. He also mentioned the presence of ICP global hubs worldwide.
  • Declan discussed the Linea Voyage campaign, which attracted millions of transactions, and partnerships with Circle to promote adoption in the developing world. He also mentioned upcoming events and hackathons.
  • Jennifer discussed Manta Network's growth efforts, including joint campaigns and Twitter Spaces sessions, as well as commitments from numerous projects to join the Manta ecosystem.

Future Plans:

  • Lomesh discussed SNS Daos and the integration of ICP with other chains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Declan outlined Linea's focus on reducing transaction costs, enhancing scalability, and progressive decentralization of L2 components.
  • Jennifer mentioned Manta Network's upcoming Mainnet launch and encouraged listeners to follow Manta's updates and explore the ecosystem projects.

Closing Thoughts:

All three projects emphasize the need for collaboration and simplification in the blockchain industry. They are excited about the potential for Web3 and the innovations it can bring. Uniting blockchains and addressing user pain points will be key to mainstream adoption.

As the blockchain space continues to evolve, these insights from Dfinity, Linea, and Manta shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the Web3 landscape. Collaboration, scalability, and user-friendliness are at the forefront of their agendas, paving the way for a decentralized and user-centric future.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on the @dmailoffical X account in the coming weeks.

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