The Future of Dmail Network

Dmail Network's roadmap is a visionary outline that seeks to transform the way we perceive and use email and communication services in the era of blockchain and Web3.

The Future of Dmail Network

In an era where communication is as much about security and privacy as it is about connectivity, Dmail Network is pioneering a transformative approach. Our roadmap for the end of 2023 to Q3 2025 unveils a strategic plan to revolutionize the Web3 communications landscape.

Our recently unveiled roadmap represents an ambitious blueprint for growth, encompassing the integration of cross-chain messaging, decentralized identity services, and the seamless bridging of Web2 and Web3 technologies. As we pave the path forward, each milestone on this journey is carefully designed to enhance user experience, expand functionality, and solidify our commitment to a decentralized future.

Let us delve into the intricacies of our roadmap and the groundbreaking features set to redefine digital communication.

Q4 2023 – Q1 2024: Laying the Foundations

The initial phase focused on establishing a robust cross-chain messaging service, essential for seamless communication across different blockchain networks. The Subscription Hub already serves as a platform for updates and alerts, enhancing user engagement and retention. We have already onboarded over 200 projects that have seen millions of subscriptions in under 3 months since launch!

Web2 login and Layer 2 (L2) chains integration enable a bridging strategy for bringing conventional internet users into the Web3 fold with greater ease, while the introduction of DaaS 2.0 (DID-as-a-Service) facilitates a move towards improved decentralized identity services. This enables users to establish their blockchain-based identities securely and interact with various decentralized applications (dApps) and services.

Q2 2024 – Q3 2024: Expanding the Ecosystem

Our roadmap outlines the development of applications and plugins, and this refers to third-party integrations and native tools that enhance the functionality of Dmail's platform. A marketing hub is also in the works, which will act as a vital tool for campaigns, user acquisition, and analytics.

The launch of an enterprise and multi-chain mailbox service is aimed at businesses seeking to incorporate blockchain technology for secure and efficient communication. The inclusion of a workspace complete with a storage drive, meeting functionality, and document services creates a comprehensive suite aimed at competing with traditional productivity tools, but with the added security and privacy benefits of blockchain technology.


The Dmail Communication Process, termed Depin, is a sophisticated system integrating both application and transport layers for secure message transmission. It's structured around three main components: endpoints, relayers, and routers. Users interact with the Dmail DApp, which is supported on 18 different chains, including WorldID and Google.

Messages are encrypted, then dispatched to the network's relayer system. These relayers, essential to Dmail's decentralized architecture, play a crucial role in message broadcasting across multiple chains. They decrypt sender's smart contracts and handle the distribution of messages through a complex system involving Source and Destination Message Buses, a Validator, and a Cross-Chain Message Executor. Routing is efficiently managed by aligning recipient addresses with unique IDs, ensuring precise delivery. The system supports both Web2 (using SMTP and email protocols) and Web3 distribution methods.

For message retrieval, recipients access their messages via the Dmail DApp, with the process primarily supported via the Internet Computer. The network and address of the recipient are converted to a unique ID for fetching messages from a distributed container, which are then decrypted for the recipient. While the system currently relies on relayers provided by Dmail Network and third-party providers, future plans include open-sourcing these relayers and offering detailed guides for their operation.

Q4 2024 – Q1 2025: Maturing the Platform

Launching the mainnet is a significant milestone, marking the transition from a test environment to a live blockchain.

The concept of rewarding engagement with tokens via our MAILtoEARN initiative is set to revolutionize the user experience on Dmail, potentially attracting millions of new users. The allure of earning digital tokens simply by interacting with content that interests you and that you have subscribed to is a compelling proposition with mass appeal. This innovative approach taps into the intrinsic motivation of users to engage with content, while also providing tangible rewards that recognize their participation and contribution to the platform.

The NFT marketplace will be a venture into the digital asset space, providing a platform for users to buy, sell, or trade NFTs tied to email addresses. An asset cross-chain bridge will facilitate the transfer of assets between different blockchains, further enhancing Dmail's cross-chain capabilities.

Q2 2025 – Q3 2025: Innovating and Securing the Future

The asset dashboard will serve as a management tool for users to track their digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in one place. Dmail will also integrate several functionalities within its mailboxes, such as asset transfers, information subscriptions, airdrops, and participation in Initial Mailbox Offerings (IMOs). These offerings will provide users with different levels of digital NFT mailboxes, distinct privileges, and access to specific functions on the Dmail platform.

Multiple decentralized storage solutions will provide users with options to store their data across different decentralized networks, enhancing security and redundancy. Lastly, the anonymous messaging protocol will offer a new level of privacy, allowing users to communicate without revealing their identities.

Conclusion: A Vision for a Web3 Communications Paradigm

Dmail Network's roadmap is a visionary outline that seeks to transform the way we perceive and use email and communication services in the era of blockchain and Web3. By progressively introducing innovative features and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Dmail is positioning itself at the forefront of secure, decentralized communication solutions.

The roadmap not only reflects Dmail's commitment to innovation and growth but also aligns with the broader trends in the blockchain industry, where privacy, security, and decentralized services are increasingly in demand. Once executed successfully, these features will solidify Dmail's role as a leader in the Web3 communications landscape, offering users unparalleled control over their digital identities and interactions.

As Dmail progresses along this path, the community can expect a series of updates, beta releases, and opportunities to participate in the growth of this exciting platform. The Dmail team will continue to provide detailed insights and technical updates as each phase of the roadmap is initiated, ensuring transparency and engagement with our user base.

Overall, this roadmap is not just a plan for product releases; it's a glimpse into the future of digital communication, where decentralization and blockchain technology redefine privacy, security, and user agency.

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