Dmail Network and Friend3 Unite to Innovate Web3 Communication and Social Monetization

The collaboration between Dmail and Friend3 aims to fuse cutting-edge communication protocols with next-gen social networking.

Dmail Network and Friend3 Unite to Innovate Web3 Communication and Social Monetization

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We are thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership between Dmail Network and Friend3, both pioneering platforms in the web3 space. Dmail Network, a leader in web3 communications protocols based on 14 integrated chains (and counting), joins forces with Friend3, a groundbreaking social dApp that focuses on social monetization through customizable pay-per-group communities and decentralized donations. This collaboration aims to fuse cutting-edge communication protocols with next-gen social networking, thereby delivering unparalleled user experiences in web3 ecosystems.

About Dmail Network

Dmail Network specializes in web3 communications protocols built on blockchain technology. By offering secure, decentralized, and scalable messaging solutions, Dmail Network empowers individuals and enterprises alike to take full control of their online communications.

Key Features

  • Decentralized Communication Protocols
  • High-Level Security and Privacy
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Platforms
  • Blockchain-Based Identity Verification
  • Customizable User Experiences
  • Subscription Hub to seamlessly connect enterprises and users via wallets and DIDs for targeted messaging.

About Friend3

Friend3 has garnered significant attention within just six weeks of its beta launch, registering over 38,000 unique users and facilitating 120,000+ transactions. The dApp is backed by an open-source and audited smart contract, ensuring trust and transparency in its operations.

Key Features

  • Public Posting + Group Chats
  • Decentralized Pricing Groups
  • Donation Token Listing
  • Passive Income Mechanism for Users
  • Creator-Focused Revenue Models

Synergies Being Explored:

The collaboration between Dmail Network and Friend3 brings the best of secure communication and social monetization. Potential synergies arising from our alliance include but are not limited to co-marketing and the following intiatives:

Strategic Integration Points

  • Secure Messaging: Dmail's secure messaging features will be integrated into Friend3's social dApp, offering users encrypted conversations in group chats and communities.
  • Tokenized Communication: Friend3's donation mechanism can be fused with Dmail's communication protocols, allowing for monetization opportunities right within the messaging platform.
  • Scalable Ecosystems: Both platforms aim to build on each other's user bases, creating a much larger, more versatile ecosystem. Dmail users can access Friend3's social monetization features and vice versa.
  • Revenue Sharing: The revenue generated from the transaction and donation mechanisms on both platforms could be shared among stakeholders, thereby fostering a more sustainable ecosystem.
  • Smart Contract Interoperability: The open-source smart contracts of both platforms can be audited and fine-tuned to ensure seamless integration and trust among users.


The collaboration between Dmail Network and Friend3 sets a new precedent in the web3 space. By leveraging each other's strengths, both platforms aim to provide a seamless and robust environment for secure communication and social monetization. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership.

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