Welcoming Bubble Protocol to Dmail's Subscription Hub: Elevating Web3 Privacy Together

The SubHub is designed to empower projects to directly connect with their subscribers via wallets and DIDs, ensuring a seamless and secure P2P communication channel within the Dmail dapp ecosystem.

Welcoming Bubble Protocol to Dmail's Subscription Hub: Elevating Web3 Privacy Together
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Dmail Network is proud to announce its latest partnership with Bubble Protocol, a transformative force in Web3 privacy and access control. This collaboration introduces Bubble Protocol into Dmail's Subscription Hub, merging the innovative communication platform of Dmail with Bubble Protocol's cutting-edge approach to managing private off-chain data through blockchain technology.

Dmail Network: A Foundation for Web3 Communication

Dmail Network stands at the forefront of blockchain-based communication, boasting over 8 million users and facilitating nearly 150 million transactions. The Subscription Hub, since its launch on October 25th, has seen an impressive influx of over 240 projects. This initiative is designed to empower projects to directly connect with their subscribers via wallets and DIDs, ensuring a seamless and secure communication channel within the Dmail dapp ecosystem. With 2.7 million subscribers and more than 50 projects already exceeding 100,000 subscribers, Dmail's platform proves to be an essential tool for projects seeking to enhance their visibility and engagement.

Introducing Bubble Protocol to the Dmail Community

Bubble Protocol emerges as a vital addition to the Web3 developer's toolbox, offering a novel protocol and SDK that facilitate access to private off-chain content with on-chain control. This enables a seamless integration of private off-chain storage solutions with blockchain technology, ensuring that sensitive data is accessible only to authorized users. Bubble Protocol's flexibility allows developers to create custom smart contracts that dynamically adjust access controls based on on-chain events, enabling a wide range of applications from private file vaults to secure customer service platforms.

Expanding Web3 Privacy with Bubble Protocol

The partnership between Bubble Protocol and Dmail Network is a significant milestone in addressing the urgent need for privacy and secure data control in the Web3 space. By joining Dmail's Subscription Hub, Bubble Protocol not only gains access to a vast user base eager to explore new privacy-centric solutions but also establishes itself as a key player in the future of decentralized data management.

For projects looking to enhance their engagement and growth within the Dmail ecosystem, the Subhub Incentive Program offers a comprehensive support system with benefits tailored to each participation tier: Discover the Subhub Incentive Program.

To ensure that your project maximizes its engagement potential and subscriber growth, we've prepared a detailed guide to help you navigate the Subscription Hub effectively: Maximize Your Project's Potential with Dmail.

Joining Forces for a Privacy-First Web3

Bubble Protocol's integration into the Dmail Subscription Hub represents a strategic move towards creating a more privacy-focused Web3 ecosystem. This partnership not only underscores Dmail's commitment to supporting projects that innovate and enhance the blockchain space but also highlights Bubble Protocol's role in pioneering privacy solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by developers and businesses alike.

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Through this collaboration, Dmail Network and Bubble Protocol are setting new standards in Web3 communication and privacy, showcasing the power of blockchain technology to secure and control data in ways previously unimagined.

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