Dmail Network X Polyhedra: 2,000,000+ Points Star Legend Giveaway

Massive Dmail points rewards are up for grabs in our latest giveaway!

Dmail Network X Polyhedra: 2,000,000+ Points Star Legend Giveaway

Join us in celebrating the integration of Dmail Network with the Polyhedra Star Legend campaign by participating in our exciting giveaway! We are offering rewards totaling over 2,000,000 Points and 8-11 digit NFT domains to all participants. These Points serve as your key to accessing various services within Dmail, leveling up your account, and receiving Token airdrops. Seize this golden opportunity by joining us today and embark on a journey towards unlocking astounding rewards!

Task: Follow the steps of the Star Legend campaign to activate the cards (NFTs) provided by Dmail Network.

Rewards(benefits of card activation):

  1. After the event concludes, all users who activate Dmail Network cards (NFTs) will share 2,000,000 Dmail Points and receive a Free Mint qualification for 8-11 digit NFT domains (valued at $5.49 USD each).
  2. Log in to the Dmail DApp and complete daily tasks ( to earn additional Dmail Points.


1. Make sure to log in to the Dmail DApp ( to claim your rewards.

2. Dmail Network generously provides these rewards. Reward 2 is distributed in real-time, while Reward 1 (200,000 Dmail Points) will be credited to your account within 72 hours after the event ends.

3. The Free Mint qualification for 8-11 digit NFT domains will be accessible 72 hours after the event concludes. Please log in again to check.

4. The final interpretation rights are reserved by the Dmail team.

How to Acquire an 8-11 Digit Free NFT Domain Mint

1. Log in to the Dmail DApp( using the address of your activation card. 

2. Click “Presale” and select your desired 8–11 digit domain (domains can be a combination of lowercase letters or numbers), click “Search,” then click “Lock & Buy” to advance to the payment page.

3. On the Free mint payment page, confirm the total amount is 0 ETH/BNB/USDT, click “Confirm,” and pay the GAS fee.

4. After the payment, you’ll be automatically redirected to the order page. Once the NFT mint is successful, click to view and you will be directed to the settings page.

5. In the settings page, click “Bind” to use the NFT as your email domain. Different domain points will provide various user rights and benefits. Explore more features awaiting your discovery!

6. Check out "Points & Plans," send, follow, invite, and configure to earn more Dmail Points.

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