$DMAIL Season1 Airdrop: Eligibility and Distribution Details

The DMAIL airdrop will be available for collection at 10:00 AM UTC on January 30th when it is listed for trading. Please be cautious and do not trust or authorize any airdrop addresses before this time.

$DMAIL Season1 Airdrop: Eligibility and Distribution Details

Before we dive into the details, a critical reminder: There is no $DMAIL presale.

The DMAIL airdrop will be available for collection at 10:00 AM UTC on January 30th when it is listed for trading. Please be cautious and do not trust or authorize any airdrop addresses before this time. Please be cautious and do not trust or authorize any airdrop addresses before this date. Never share your seed phrase and, if ever in doubt, our Discord community is ready to assist with any queries.

WARNING: Beware of scam websites, vigilance is key. The sole official website for all authentic information is https://dmail.ai/.

Overview of the Airdrop

The collection time for the first season $DMAIL airdrop will start at the time of DMAIL's listing and trading on January 30th. The $DMAIL airdrop is spread across multiple seasons. For those addresses that may miss out on Season 1 rewards, rest assured that the opportunity to obtain $DMAIL tokens extends into future seasons.

An allocation of 7,500,000 $DMAIL tokens, equating to 3.75% of the total $DMAIL token supply and representing 62.5% of the Airdrop pool (6% of the total supply) awaits our Early Adopters and Ecosystem Contributors. Tokens unclaimed in Season 1 are not left behind but are reallocated to the airdrop pool for future seasons. The airdrop claiming will be on BNB Chain and the airdrop claim period will last for a total of 30 days.

We referred to the audit criteria of Hop and the Arbitrum Foundation, as well as the blacklist of some Sybil attack addresses, and collaborated with third-party on-chain data companies for sensitivity analysis and cross-matching analysis to complete a strict screening process. This ensures that rewards are accurately distributed to genuine and active users. Despite using rigorous analytical criteria, the airdrop distribution model cannot achieve absolute precision. If you meet the eligibility criteria but have not received the airdrop, you have likely been flagged as part of a Sybil attack.

Outline of Allocation and Eligibility

The standard and design of the airdrop are primarily aimed at rewarding early adopters and to the greatest extent, preventing Sybil attacks and airdrop hunters. The 7.5 million $DMAIL tokens allocated towards the Airdrop Rewards are divided into several categories, each representing different communities and users. Each qualified address holder can claim their corresponding $DMAIL airdrop rewards; if a user meets the eligibility criteria for multiple categories, then the claim amount for the airdrop will be the sum of the rewards from each category.

The specifics regarding the allocation for each category and the associated eligibility criteria are detailed as follows:

Criteria Breakdown

Paid NFT Domain Holders:
Holders of NFT domains with 4-7 characters (acquired either through purchase or from early promotional events) and buyers of NFT domains with 8-11 characters are classified under this category. Each wallet address is entitled to only one airdrop. For owners of multiple NFT domains in a single wallet, the airdrop will be calculated based on the highest eligible amount. This typically means that shorter domains will receive more tokens.

Transactions Over Time:
This category encompasses users who have utilized the Dmail DApp at least once across different months. The usage record does not need to be consecutive but should cumulatively meet or exceed six months to align with the airdrop standards.

Community Contributors:
Early community builders, active participants, and core contributors who acquired specific NFTs through engagement in activities, feedback provision, or bug reporting fall into this group. This includes holders of OG Dmailers, Invite Winners, Honorary Members, and Server Boosters NFTs. Wallet addresses holding any of these four types of NFTs prior to the snapshot are eligible for the airdrop. If any NFT was transferred or sold before the snapshot, it's essential to log in and claim $DMAIL with the new address.

3D Crystal NFT Holders:
The 3D Crystal NFT is the first NFT series launched by Dmail Network on the Internet Computer, which has been fully rewarded to early adopters and community contributors (including those active in the community, community invitations, event participation, etc.). For more information, view the 3D Crystal NFT Market AT 3D Crystal NFT Market.

Dmail DApp Active Users:
Active users began using the Dmail DApp and providing valuable feedback as soon as it was launched on the testnet. Users who meet the criteria of sending at least 3 messages, having at least 5 contacts in their contact list, and accumulating at least 1,200 task points will be eligible for the airdrop. Both senders and recipients are recorded in the contact list. The points for completing tasks are different from the default points for creating a Dmail account. For example, if you hold an NFT domain with 7 characters (initial points are 800), and your account has a total of 3,000 points, then your actual task points are 2,200.

Gitcoin Donors:
Wallet addresses that donated $5 or more to the Dmail Network during the past two Gitcoin grant rounds. If your donation was in ETH, it will be converted into USD based on the exchange rate at the time, which is $2268.26/ETH.

Airdrop Season2: Collecting Points

We've made every effort to ensure that Season 1's airdrop is as fair as possible. However, it's always possible that some outstanding community members may be overlooked. Don't worry! This is just the first season's airdrop, representing 3.75% of the total $DMAIL supply, with 44% of the initial token supply reserved for future airdrops and community rewards. The best way to acquire $DMAIL is by completing the daily task collection on the Dmail DApp.

The second season's airdrop has already begun, with the initial airdrop amount accounting for 2.25% of the total supply (4,500,000 $DMAIL). If the airdrop from the first season is not claimed within the deadline, it will automatically be moved to the airdrop pool for the second season. You can collect points through the Dmail DApp and the Subscription Hub. Unlike the first season's airdrop, which mainly rewarded early adopters, the second season's airdrop will be solely related to task points. This means the more points you earn by completing tasks, the more airdrop tokens you will receive. So, take action now!

The end of the second season's airdrop is anticipated to be 4-6 months after the TGE. Following this, the exchange of $DMAIL tokens will commence, with specific exchange rules and the start time for exchanges to be announced later. For now, go ahead and start completing tasks to earn points.

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