Dmail 2023 November Monthly Report

November was an exceptionally strong month for Dmail network. Read on to find out about our significant progress during November.

Dmail 2023 November Monthly Report

A Warm Welcome to Our Dmail Community,

As we embrace the brisk winds of November, the crypto market stands on the cusp of exciting changes, and our anticipation is palpable. This month, the spotlight shines on SocialFi and new public blockchain initiatives, steering market trends. The crypto world is abuzz with discussions on social media and Layer2 solutions, heralding new possibilities.

The rising tide of BTC and ETH prices has rejuvenated market confidence, propelling the crypto industry forward with renewed vigor. This resurgence, coupled with pivotal industry collaborations and innovative project launches, fuels our optimism for what lies ahead.

At Dmail, we're on a steadfast path of growth. We're gearing up to unveil a series of promotional activities and innovative features, all designed to enhance your experience. Stay tuned for an exciting November, as we chart Dmail's continued evolution.

In this month of great expectations, let's journey together towards a brighter crypto future. Your support and trust in Dmail are invaluable to us.

Product Developments:

Our focus this month has been on refining Dmail's functionalities and iterating the new version of our official website, resulting in two significant updates:


  1. Integration of Presale ICP payment and enhanced hash verification.
  2. Introduction of a fuzzy search feature in the Subscription Center.


  1. Addition of Tron login for Dmail, enabling early Tron users to access order details and email services.
  2. Implementation of Zetachain testnet login, smart contract testing, GAS consumption, and free minting.
  3. Automatic minting of unclaimed NFTs to the purchaser's account.
  4. Launch of the revamped official website.
  5. Upgrades to enhance interface security and response times.

Technical Advancements:

Our technical endeavors this month have centered around enhancing Dmail's features, updating our website, and bolstering performance and security:

  1. Optimized ICP Hash Verification:
  • Developed an RPC interface in Rust for querying the ICP ledger, integrating it with our order verification service for authenticating ICP payment orders.

2. Automated NFT Minting for Unclaimed Presale Purchases:

  • Created a Golang script for NFT distribution. After manually addressing exceptional orders, the script processed historical orders for unclaimed NFTs, pre-generated a PID within Dmail, and minted the NFT to that PID.

3. Enhanced Frontend Domain Security:

  • Implemented an HSTS policy to increase website security.

4. Comprehensive Website Frontend Overhaul:

  • Redesigned the official website's frontend for both desktop and mobile, adding new product introduction and subscription pages, and integrating Presale displays within the email interface.

Marketing Progress:

  1. BASE Chain Integration Success:
  • Dmail's integration with the BASE chain catapulted us to the forefront of BASE interaction data.

2. Starknet Takeover Event Collaboration:

  • Partnered with Starknet and Galxe for the Starknet Takeover event, offering substantial rewards to participants.

3. DmailSubhub's Impressive Launch:

  • Within a week of its launch, DmailSubhub attracted over 80 projects and amassed over 650K subscribers.

4. Strategic Collaborative Promotions:

  • Joined forces with leading projects to support Subhub, achieving over 30,000 subscribers for each project.

5. OKX Wallet GiveAway Initiative:

  • Collaborated with OKX Wallet for a GiveAway event, distributing a plethora of points and domain rewards.

6. Base Chain Login and Freemint Access:

  • Announced support for Base chain login, offering Freemint eligibility and additional rewards for email usage.

7. Top 3 Ranking on Linea Chain:

  • Dmail's contract interactions ranked within the top three projects on the Linea chain, representing over 10%.

8. Second in 30-Day Active User Data:

  • Achieved the second-highest active user count within a 30-day period.

9. DEGO Partnership and Subhub Integration:

  • Formed a strategic partnership with DEGO, integrating it into the Dmail Subhub ecosystem.

10. Influential Space Event Hosting:

  • Organized an official Space event, inviting industry leaders to share their experiences with Dmail SubHub.

11. Impressive User Engagement:

  • Recorded over 503K users in 30 days, according to third-party data.

12. Email Protocol Enhancement:

  • Upgraded our email protocol, significantly improving email transmission speeds.

13. Community Milestone Celebration:

  • Celebrated our community's achievements with personalized NFTs and exclusive airdrops for our OG Dmailers and honorary members.

14. Subhub Space Phase II:

  • Launched the second phase, inviting prominent projects to discuss Subhub's role in user acquisition.

15. COO's Insightful Social Sharing:

  • Our COO shared valuable insights on social-related topics in the Star Protocols community.

16. Roadmap and Economic Model Milestones:

  • Unveiled our latest version roadmap, outlining a two-year plan and key economic model milestones.

17. Thanksgiving Event and Rewards:

  • Hosted a Thanksgiving event, offering unique Dmail identity roles for task completion.

18. Enhanced Subhub Search Functionality:

  • Introduced a search feature in Dmail Subhub, rewarding users with additional points for subscribing to multiple projects.

19. Launch of the New Official Website:

  • Debuted our new website, showcasing the Dmail DApp and Subhub.

In Closing

Throughout November, the Dmail team has remained committed to our ethos of innovation and stability, making significant strides in our journey. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and trust. Our continuous service enhancements and the introduction of new features are tailored to meet your evolving needs.

Looking ahead, Dmail will persist in delivering a secure and convenient encrypted communication experience. We value your feedback and are dedicated to refining and expanding our offerings, ensuring your privacy in the digital realm. Thank you for being part of Dmail. We eagerly anticipate sharing our future growth and achievements with you.

About Dmail

Dmail Network is at the forefront of developing an AI-powered decentralized infrastructure, providing unified, anonymous messaging and notification services across diverse chains and applications. Our mission is to keep users informed and connected in the digital landscape, facilitating effortless access to data and messages.

Backed by HashKey Capital, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, Amino Capital, HG Ventures, and over 20 top global VCs, Dmail Network has achieved notable milestones. We are proud recipients of the 1st prize in the 2021 Wanxiang Hackathon and the 1st BNB Chain Grant.

Dmail's integration and service provision extend to ENS, Unstoppable, SpaceID, Lens, Conflux, BNB Chain, and over 100 other projects.

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