Dmail Monthly Report: December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we look back on the accomplishments of the final month of an action-packed and tremendously successful 2023 for DMAIL

Dmail Monthly Report: December 2023
December 2023

Dmail Monthly Report | December 2023

Dear Dmail Users,

As the last month of 2023 gently comes to a close, we have reviewed the ups and downs in the blockchain market this year. In December, we witnessed the market continue to grow and adapt amidst challenges, with the application areas of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology expanding, despite facing regulatory uncertainty and market volatility.

This month, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced fluctuations, reflecting the market participants' complex reactions to the upcoming new year and the global economic situation. Against this backdrop, Dmail continues to commit to providing secure, convenient blockchain email services, helping users stay connected and share information in this volatile market.

We have also noticed that the application of blockchain technology is becoming increasingly widespread across multiple industries, from financial services to supply chain management and digital copyright management. These advancements not only bring new opportunities to the industry but also provide more reasons for Dmail users to utilize our services.

In this monthly report, we will detail the market dynamics, Dmail's updates over the past month, and our outlook for the future. Thank you for your continued support, let us welcome the new year together, and find growth and opportunities in the wave of change.

Product Progress:

The main tasks this month revolved around the architectural upgrade of Dmail Network and its components, focusing on security enhancements and bug optimization. Three versions were launched, with the specific functionalities of each version as follows:


  1. Wallet Connect Upgrade


  1. Fixed the time display of emails across different time zones;
  2. Optimized Txn verification for Presale orders;
  3. Implemented checks for the maximum limit of daily email send volume and email storage capacity;
  4. Verified permissions and restrictions for sending emails through API calls, including the number of sends;
  5. Launched the official certification mark of Inbox Dmail Network;
  6. Launched the developer certification mark for Subscription Hub;
  7. Conducted overall optimization of the system and database structure;


  1. Conducted a comprehensive security check of all interfaces;
  2. Added multi-dimensional and multi-category security protection tools;
  3. Took down the front-end page of Dtools;

Technical Progress:

The main tasks this month were centered around the architecture of Dmail Network and its components, focusing on security upgrades and bug optimization, as detailed below:

  1. Dmail DApp Security Upgrade
    1. Security verification of EVM wallet login information.
    2. Server-side security
      1. Resolved consistency between MetaMask user and server-side permissions.
      2. Parameter verification for the email sending interface.
      3. Modified the verification mechanism for SMID.
      4. Added SPF to verify the correctness of emails.
    3. Interface Upgrade
      1. Transfer NFT domains
      2. Upload & download attachments
      3. On-chain and server-side data statistics
      4. DaaS (DID-as-a-Service)
      5. Token ownership verification

Market Progress

  1. zkSwap Finance officially joins Dmail SubHub! With its unique Swap to Earn model, zkSwap Finance offers rewards to liquidity providers and traders, revolutionizing the DeFi field.
  1. The Dmail team together with the Chain Station team hosted the Holly Jingle & Scroll event.

3. The Dmail team received an invitation from the Ontology team and came to the Ontology community at 9 am UTC, Dec 6th, 2023, bringing an exciting presentation.

4. Dmail officially established a partnership with Penfabric.AI.

5. Dmail is proud to announce that after a community vote, Dmail officially received over 90% approval and landed on the Magic Store, where users can search for Dmail products.

6. Dmail, in conjunction with BNB Chain, launched a major domain and points airdrop event, airdropping over 1.8 million Dmail points to opBNB users.

7. Dmail officially announced the completion of deployment on ZetaChain and opened the Freemint event for 8-11 digit Dmail NFT domains. In the future, we plan to use ZetaChain for native cross-chain payments, including swaps with Bitcoin.

8. Dmail and OKX Wallet continue their Dmail Points Giveaway event in the Cryptopedia section, extended until January 6th, with Dmail offering an additional 500,000 points, totaling over 1,000K Dmail points to be given away.

9. Dmail officially released interaction data on each public chain and announced plans to increase market promotion on various public chains.

    • Message interaction number: 93.18M
    • On-chain transaction number: 54.75M

10. Dmail Network has just integrated WalletConnect and upgraded to Web3Modal V3!
This enables any wallet user to seamlessly log in to Dmail and enjoy a smooth, unified experience.

11. According to StarkScan data, Dmail Network's contract interaction data ranks second in the entire Starknet network, second only to the official ETH cross-chain bridge contract.

12. According to data from BSCDaily, Dmail, as the most active SocialFi project, has a monthly active user count exceeding 687K.

13. Dmail is honored to become one of the IoTeX ecosystem nodes and plans to jointly develop the ecosystem with IoTeX.

14. Dmail officially launched the official account logo, and all emails from the official source will be unified with the official email mark.

15. For developers and projects eager to join our #SubHub, we have prepared an in-depth user guide detailing the registration process and the extensive support offered by Dmail through our incentive program.

16. In terms of active users over the past 7 days, Dmail is the highest-ranked SocialFi project on zkSync to date!

17. Thanks to the invitation from BNB Chain, Dmail will join the opBNB Christmas and New Year events as a guest, with rich gifts prepared for all BNB users.

18. Dmail has increased rewards for holding 3D Crystal NFTs! As a 3D Crystal holder, you can now earn up to 500 Dmail points per month - a 5-fold increase! Dmail deployed 2,626 3D Crystal NFTs on the ICP chain, all airdropped to the community.

19. In the past thirty days, Dmail has become the most active SocialFi dApp with the highest number of active users, creating 1.98M interactions.

20. Dmail Network is proud of our large community and achievements. There has been much speculation about native tokens and the #airdrop plan. We can now confirm that the airdrop and token distribution will take place in the first quarter of 2024.

21. At the invitation of OKX, Dmail joined as a guest speaker in the Space-themed "Breaking Web3 Boundaries."

22. Dmail joined a Space hosted by BNB Chain and brought exciting insights.

23. Dmail released milestone events, with Dmail NFT domain mint data surpassing 2M, and over 100M messages sent via Dmail.

24. Dmail wishes all Dmailers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

25. Dmail officially released the second phase of SubHub residency, with over 90 projects joining the second phase of Dmail SubHub. As of now, Dmail Subscription Center has hosted over 200 projects and served over 5 million users.

26. According to BaseDaily data, Dmail has now become the most active Dapp on the Base chain.

27. Dmail officially enhances security! Despite recent phishing attempts causing no asset loss, we will temporarily suspend incoming Web2 emails (outgoing as well) to ensure your continued safety. We are committed to finding a secure solution as soon as possible. Protecting your assets is our top priority!

28. The NFT domain transfer function is now online! You can log in to Dmail, check the Principal ID in "Settings," and then use the Principal ID to transfer the NFT domain account to another wallet!

29. Dmail and OKX Wallet launched an airdrop event, with Dmail offering 20,000 8-11 digit NFT domains and 2M Dmail points as prizes for this event.

30. Dmail has increased the number of free uses of the AI assistant from 10 to 20 times.

Happy New Year to Dmailers, Dmail's user base officially surpasses 5M+!


As this month comes to an end, we once again thank you all for your continuous trust and support of Dmail. In the past month, we have together experienced the fluctuations and growth of the blockchain market and witnessed the continuous evolution of technology and applications. The Dmail team remains committed to improving the value proposition and experience for both businesses and users alike.

Thank you, and all the best for a prosperous 2024, Dmailers!

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