Dmail Monthly Report: April 2024

As April has closed, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing trust and support in Dmail.

Dmail Monthly Report: April 2024

Dmail Monthly Report | April 2024

Dear Dmail Users,

As we enter April 2024, we continue to witness rapid development and innovation in the blockchain market. Over the past few months, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have demonstrated immense potential and application prospects across multiple fields.

This month, the prices of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown a new growth trend, reflecting improved market confidence. This indicates a better global economic environment and optimistic investor expectations for the future of blockchain technology. In this context, Dmail remains committed to providing users with efficient and secure blockchain email services, ensuring reliable and convenient information transmission in this dynamic market.

We have observed accelerated adoption of blockchain technology in financial services, healthcare, the Internet of Things, and energy management. These innovations offer unprecedented opportunities to various industries and provide Dmail users with broader and more diverse application scenarios, enhancing the relevance and impact of our services.

In this monthly report, we will detail the market dynamics of April, the updates and improvements Dmail has made over the past month, and our outlook for the coming months. Thank you for your continued support and trust. Let us face future challenges and opportunities together, achieving greater success in this era of transformation.

Product Progress

This month, our main tasks focused on expanding network support and optimizing Dmail and Subscription Hub bugs. We released three versions. The specific features of each version are as follows:


  1. Optimization of the task for sending emails continuously for 7 days in Dmail.
  2. Added new tasks for the B2 Habitat Testnet network (login, free mint, and sending email points).


  1. Launch of the GoPlus task, allowing users to earn Dmail + GoPlus points by completing a wallet security scan.
  2. Conclusion of the B2 Testnet tasks, with the mainnet going live.
  3. Implemented extensive RPC polling validation for tasks on various networks to ensure task verification efficiency despite potential issues with network RPC nodes.
  4. Improved avatar display in Subscription Hub.
  5. Launched Merlin network (login, email task points, free mint).
  6. Improved the implementation of the lock function bug.
  7. Launched support for Bonfida DID on the Solana network, allowing email sending and receiving with .sol, and free mint.
  8. Upgraded email forwarding in Telegram SubHub.

4.4.6_beta (April 22, 2023):

  1. Task page redesign:
    1. Style adjustments, addition of popular tasks, and categorization of task types.
    2. Added prompts and guidance for specific network/wallet tasks that do not meet task requirements.
  2. Sub-category redesign, supporting multiple tags for project selection.

Technical Progress

This month, our main tasks focused on deploying more network contracts and optimizing Dmail and the Subscription Hub.

  1. Deployment of Network Contracts:
  • Deployed new contracts for the B2 Habitat Testnet network.
  • Deployed new contracts for the B2 mainnet network.
  • Deployed new contracts for the Merlin network.
  1. Extensive RPC Polling Validation for Network Tasks:
  • Enhanced multiple node polling validation for networks such as Linea, Merlin, Manta, Opbnb, Optimism, Skale, zkFair, and zkSync by using enumeration methods to prevent point addition failures due to node issues.
  1. Upgraded Subscription Email Forwarding:
  • Improved the forwarding process of subscription emails for all projects by handling forwarded emails through MQ (message queue) and sequentially invoking the Dmail message protocol to forward emails to the Telegram and email accounts bound to the user’s account.
  1. Optimization of Subscription Hub Dashboard and Data Statistics:
  • Enhanced the efficiency of the dashboard module and data statistics functions, such as email open rates, by using a singleton pattern and Redis technology stack. This optimization improves query efficiency and ensures the timely caching of encrypted comparison data.
  1. Redesign of the Task Page:
  • Reclassified and reordered tasks based on different task types.
  • Added prompts and guidance for specific network/wallet tasks that do not meet requirements, providing alerts and instructions for non-compliant addresses.

Marketing Progress

1. Dmail is pleased to have been invited by the Questbook team, where Daniel, Dmail's COO, delivered an excellent presentation as one of the guest speakers.

2. Dmail has now completed integration with the Solana network! Solana users can now register for a unique 8-11 digit Dmail NFT account for free! Experience encrypted messaging with Dmail on Solana and earn an additional 50 Dmail points daily with MailtoEarn!

3. Dmail Network has successfully integrated with the B2 Testnet! By experiencing Dmail's encrypted messaging on the B2 network, you can earn 50 B2 points and an additional 100 MailtoEarn Dmail points daily! B2 users can mint a unique 8-11 digit Dmail NFT account for free and receive 50 B2 points!

  1. Dmail was honored to invite the SKALE team to join our Twitter Space. Dante, as a guest speaker, delivered an excellent presentation and provided a detailed overview of our collaboration.

5. Dmail has released an update, launching the KOL Invitation Program on Subhub to help Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) gain more followers. With 10 million users and significant social media influence, Dmail offers cash and token rewards. As your followers grow, so do your earnings.

6. We are thrilled to announce that Dmail Network was recently interviewed by Cointelegraph due to our significant traction and growth. According to DappRadar, Dmail Network is now the number one SocialFi project in terms of UAW over the past 30 days.

Check both the article and recorded podcast here:

7. Dmail, in collaboration with Lightcycle, has launched an airdrop event for Dmailers. The LightCycle X Dmail joint airdrop will distribute 150 LightCycle OG NFT mint allocations!

8. Dmail, along with two other AI projects, hosted a Space focused on AI themes. Dmail's co-founder, alongside the other two founders, delivered excellent presentations and shared valuable insights.

  1. Dmail has ranked as the number one SocialFi project over the past 30 days, with 1.52 million users. Now, imagine what will happen when our roadmap is complete and we introduce tokenization with #MailtoEarn. We are on track to attract over 100 million registered users within the next 18-24 months.

10. Dmail DaaS (DID as a Service) now supports Solana domain Bonfida! .sol holders can now mint an 8-11 digit Dmail NFT domain for free. Set your DID as your Web3 email account: Set DID.

  1. Recently, the official Dmail team attended the Web3 Festival 2024 held in Hong Kong. The Dmail team engaged in extensive discussions, shared insights, and explored collaborations that will help shape the future of Web3 social communication.

13. Dmail Network has been listed as a featured project in the AI section of the ICP ecosystem!

14. Dmail released a detailed explanation of the token use cases, outlining the potential applications and future utilization of the token.

15. According to CryptoDep data, Dmail has once again become one of the top 5 active projects in the Linea ecosystem.

16. Dmail has joined the B2 Network ecosystem event as a key partner.

17. Dmail has become one of the top 3 active applications across the entire blockchain in the past 30 days, with data surpassing 1.12 million.

18. Dmail Network is now live on Merlin Layer 2! Merlin users can now mint a unique 8-11 digit Dmail NFT domain for free. Explore encrypted messaging on Merlin and earn an additional 100 MailtoEarn Dmail points daily!

19. Dmail, in collaboration with Cookie3 and Push, hosted an exciting Twitter Space session for everyone to enjoy.

20. Dmail Network is excited to partner with GoPlus Security! Scan your wallet with SecWareX on Dmail to earn 100 Dmail points from GoPlus and receive an airdrop reward of 10-50 EB.

21. Dmail has become one of the most active SocialFi projects on the blockchain, with data showing that MAU's surpassed 1.04 million!

22. Welcome to Dmail SubHub! Unlock instant updates and exclusive insights on PolygonID with Dmail. The Dmail DApp will soon support PolygonID holders for login and use PolygonID as an address for sending and receiving Web3 emails.

23. Dmail invited the GoPlus team to deliver an excellent presentation, discussing the future of blockchain security together.

24. Dmail Subscription Hub Upgrade: New sections added, including "Influencers," "AI," "DePIN," "RWA," and "L1/L2." Users can subscribe to projects and influencers they are interested in to receive real-time updates and exclusive insights.

25. Recently, the COO of Dmail had an extensive conversation with the host about how #web3 can support users, alongside partners from Arcana Network and SocialFi dApp MoseikiApp. Here’s what happened during the video interview.

26. Our team was honored to represent Dmail at ICPHUBS Global Town Hall, where we reviewed the remarkable achievements of the first quarter of 2024 during a marathon meeting.

27. The Dmail #SubHub project and influencer incentive program are experiencing exponential growth! Projects and influencers can earn 100 points for each subscription through their unique links. DMAIL Airdrop Season 2 will run from May to July 2024. Dmail points holders will share over $4.5 million in DMAIL tokens!

28. Dmail Daily Task Upgrade: We have optimized daily tasks for sending emails on different networks. Multiple nodes have been added to check user transactions and ensure real-time accuracy of task validation. Dmail points will now be issued immediately.


As April has closed, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing trust and support in Dmail. Over the past month, we have navigated the fluctuations and growth of the blockchain market together, witnessing the continuous evolution of technology and its applications. The Dmail team remains committed to improving and enhancing our services, ensuring that our users stay ahead in this dynamic ecosystem.

Looking forward, we anticipate that blockchain technology will continue to drive innovation and transformation, redefining the operations of multiple industries. We believe that as technology matures and becomes more widely adopted, more individuals and organizations will benefit from the transparency, security, and efficiency that blockchain offers.

As a Dmail user, you are an essential part of this transformative journey. We look forward to exploring new possibilities with you, facing challenges, and achieving a more prosperous future together. Please stay tuned for our updates and continue to share your feedback, as your voice is our driving force.

With confidence and determination, let us conclude April and embrace the opportunities and challenges of May. Once again, thank you for your support.

About Dmail

Dmail Network is building an AI-powered decentralized communication infra, offering encrypted emails, consolidated notifications, and targeted marketing services across multiple chains & dApps, catering to users, developers, and marketers.

Dmail Network has raised funding from HashKey Capital, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, Amino Capital, HG Ventures, and 20+ top global VCs. Additionally, we are delighted to have won 1st prize in the 2021 Wanxiang Hackathon and we were also honored to have been awarded the 1st BNB Chain Grant. We are proud to have integrated and provided services for SPACE ID, ENS, SafePal, Starknet, BNB Chain, and more than 320 other projects.

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